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What is a good non-drowsy allergy medicine for someone who is allergic to almost everything?

My boyfriend has had asthma and allergies since he was a kid, and I hate seeing him sniffle and snort and have trouble breathing. He treats the asthma and tries to treat the allergies but they still bother him. Any suggestions for a good medicine he can try? He has seasonal allergies as well as specific allergies ( smoke, cigarettes, cats, etc.) He stays as far from each one as possible.

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9 Responses to “What is a good non-drowsy allergy medicine for someone who is allergic to almost everything?”

  1. julie l said :

    go to pharmacist and ask for non drowsy decongstant or antihistimiane depending on which one works best. The no name brands work fine

  2. 38/M/PA_4_YNG_GF said :


  3. SexyTrojan said :

    Try Claritan, or it’s generic counterpart.

  4. sissybug said :

    Benedryl makes a non drowsey med. I use it all the time as my profession, I am a professional driver and have to watch what I take.

  5. jo said :

    actifed, sudaphed, claritin are all non-drowsey over the counter meds.

  6. Alison M said :

    I am in the same boat as your bf, with the asthma and allergies. I would recommend trying Claritin-D which is an over the counter medicine that works really well. The D is important. That stands for decongestant which will help with the sniffles and any coughing. If you can get a prescription, try Clarinex or Zyrtec, but you will need to add your own decongestant I don’t believe they come in -D form. All the best!

  7. Poppy said :

    I,ve had asthma & allergys all my life,–I’m allergic to leaves in fall & pollen in spring.–Have him ask his doctor about ADVAIR 250 it’s great for his breathing & it seems to help cut down on some allergys.

  8. yakkydoc said :

    Ceterizine (Rigix, Zyrtec) and Loratidine are non- sedating.

  9. migx said :

    best treatment are the 3rd generation anti histamines that are non drowsy taken once a day daily with minimal side effects eg claritin,zytec,cetrizet,letrizine etc.
    on top of that he can use a nasal spray when he gets an attack eg rhinocort aqua(steroid based)


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