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What is a good health insurance for children with special needs?

My son is on a feeding tube due to a small bowel transplant he received last year. My husband and I are returning to a full work schedule and our health insurance (Tricare) does not cover a nurse for him, or special daycare because his only special need is the feeding tube and the medication he receives through it. Apparently that’s not enough. So is there a good company that I can purchase insurance through who will cover these types of things for him?

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4 Responses to “What is a good health insurance for children with special needs?”

  1. Chelsea B said :

    that is absolutely sickening to me. i have tricare and they paid for my BREAST IMPLANTS. they should pay for anything that is truely medically needed, have you contested it and brought it to the head of the tricare region you are in? im sure something could be done about this, that is just absolutely horrible!!!! if it comes down to it and they wont cover it, i would contact blue coss blue shield, ive heard great things about their coverage. plus, no insurance can turn your child down because of his pre-existing condition, which is great.

    i HOPE that tricare ends up covering it, but if not then i hope you get the coverage you need at a fair price.

  2. dsollen said :

    Your going to want to get insurance from the company you work at, even if they don’t cover your sons expenses. With a company your insurance is being partially covered by the job, if you buy insurance from a third party you have to pay all of it; which will likely be more expensive then trying to cover your sons costs yourself. After all any insurance willing to cover your son will raise the costs due to it. Plus it will take time to switch insurance; I’m not sure but it sounds like your sons condition is temporary and may not last long enough to warrent the change.

    Your first option would be to contact tricare and speak with them in person. There may be options avilible to you which you were unaware of.

    If you are in a situation where you simply can’t cover the extra costs there are many forms of finacial aid and grants you can look to for assistance instead. I don’t know enough about your specific situation to know what applies for you unfortunatly. Here are some links to information about medical aid for children, which may or may not be useful depending on your situation…

  3. mommy_allie said :

    You should check with your state Dept of Human Services to see if you can receive this help through the State….most public health agencies will provide this service to a special needs child. You could also appeal the decision through Tricare..but that may take too long…Best of luck.

  4. Matt said :

    Try this site

    Here you can compare quotes from different companies


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