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What is a good fitness dvd for loosing weight?

I want to loose about 20 pounds in 1 month. I am very lazy and I would like to get a fitness dvd that is helpful but you don’t have to work as hard. Unlike the Jillian Michael’s dvd. Thankyou very much.

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2 Responses to “What is a good fitness dvd for loosing weight?”

  1. ★ThInkS fOr HeRseLf★ said :

    Jilian Michael’s Cardio Kick Box (it’s on youtube). This dvd comes in a set and it is really good too. But pretty much anything with Jilian Michaels in it, will help you lose weight.

    EDIT: Here’s a link to a little bit of the dvd. I think all of them are on you tube………

  2. thefitnessgugu said :

    pretty much if you want to lose weight and do it the healthy way, you can’t be lazy. i know its hard to start getting motivated, but what kinds of things have you tried? and why cant you get motivated?
    things that help motivated are working out with a friend, switching up your exercises and workout programs and activities so it doesnt get monotonous and boring.
    i always try to get my friend to go running with me and he’s so lazy! but he hates it because it’s not fun and its boring. so, he happens to LOVE racquetball, so we play that for up to 3 hours some days.
    dont feel bad about not wanting to bust you ass for hours a day because most people dont want to do that.
    but you really are going to have to challenge yourself a little if you want to lose weight. make it fun and be creative and hopefully that will help.
    like the person above, Jillian Michaels is GREAT!!! her stuff is definitely hard but do it with someone else. her dvd “30 day shred” is awesome. its only 20 minutes long but its hard and definitely pays off. also, tae bo is great too. if you like dancing, find a dancing dvd that will burn calories. good luck and hopefully this helps.


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