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What is a fun way to lose weight fast?

I am entering 5th grade in September.I want to be average weight.Around 60 or 70 pounds.I weigh around 114 pounds.I HATE being overweight.I am tiered of all the teasing,not being able to fit in the coolest clothes for my age,embarresment,and other things.I do not want to plan a diet or change the way I eat.I want it to be fun.I already have dance dance revoulution for the PS2 but I want more ways.I want to lose weight before September of 2006. Any ways?
I can’t swim.

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19 Responses to “What is a fun way to lose weight fast?”

  1. xxpimpet_4_lifexx said :

    get a fun hobby like swimming,ice skating or a sport you like,like tennis,hockey,football etc.

  2. Harry P said :

    Dance especially Salsa dances have the moves that make you lose weight even without your knowledge

  3. [email protected] said :


  4. q608 said :

    I’d have to recommend the B238 Epsilon Space Modulator.

  5. Jason D H said :

    Drink ALOT of less.

  6. Daniel L said :

    play a sport, ride your bike, go on hikes.

    Stop eating fast food, chips, french fries, candy, soda, etc.
    If it has sugar in it then don’t eat it. Go for fruits, vegetables, etc.

  7. martin h said :

    If you figure out a fun way to lose 50 pounds in 2 months let me know. You will be the richest person in the world if you can figure that one out.

  8. Ginger said :

    Swim, a lot! And just eat healthy!

  9. Chris said :

    Stick a tube in your stomach and suck it out.

  10. Megan C said :

    Swimming is a great way. What you should do is everyday tread in the water for about 2 minutes it moves around all the excess fat to help get rid of it.

    [tread means just kicking your legs and not touching the ground]

  11. lynda_is said :

    Get out from in front of your computer, and go outside and play.

  12. maggie said :

    ask some of your friends if they want to join a sport with you, like swimming, ice skating, running… i do gymnastics and i love it. find a sport that you enjoy. whatever you do do NOT go anorexic. thats bad. very bad.

  13. tsbr1963 said :

    food is just energy. you eat it…then either you burn it off by using energy…or, you store it.

    If you won’t change the way you eat, that’s not such a big deal…but it means you definitely have to change your energy USAGE…in other words, get more exercise. DDR for an hour+ a day would be good…but it would have to be constant, not stopping and starting.

    I would say start running or something. Or biking. Or swimming. Or get into soccer. Or wrestling, or football. If NOTHING sounds good for burning energy…then you have no choice but to eat better.

    Its pretty straight forward though…its gonna be one or the other.

  14. Bluehoney said :

    Unfortunately, you can’t lose weight in a fun way and without changing the way you eat… If losing weight was simple and fun, do you think everyone would complain that much?

  15. tulip70707 said :

    You can weigh anywhere from 21-58 kg (46 to 127 lbs) at your age depending on your height according to the site below. You’re fine, don’t worry about it.

  16. ESweetPea said :

    Try a dance class or aerobics–there are belly dancing DVDs and if you start now, you’ll be shimmying like Shakira in no time. Try sports–I know it can be embarrassing if you really suck at them, but you can burn a LOT of calories when you mess up, sometimes more than if you’re an expert because you have to correct your mistakes.

    I wonder if you’ve had your last big growth spurt. When I was 10-11, I grew about 6 inches–you’re probably due for some more growing up. That’ll help redistribute your weight better, too (not that it’s a substitute for exercise, but it’ll definitely help you look thinner.) Puberty does some weird things, but one of the nice things is that it’s a lot easier to lose weight since your muscles are developing some on their own. Muscles burn calories even when you’re resting–it’s better to have muscle than fat because fat causes hormones to be released that help make you fatter. Don’t lift weights–your muscles and bones are still growing and you don’t want to stress them out more. But definitely do weight-bearing exercise, since it’ll strengthen your bones. I mean, like walking, running, dancing–stuff on your feet. Swimming’s good, but don’t neglect stuff that will get you on your feet. Good luck!

  17. Jess said :

    ride a bycycle or play basketball

  18. afrikanoos said :

    control man control, 60 to 70 pounds in such a small time, anyway try this it may help you, first thing in the morning, take 1. table spoon of an apple vinnegar in a glass of warm water, and then go out for running or jogging or at least go for working for 1or 2hrs, or if you can jump the rop that will be much better, and you’ll see the results.

  19. b.dorman said :

    probly the best advice here…. don’t do it!! stay at the weight you are u get a b/f so much faster… as guys like gals wid curves trust me…

    if u take my advice u thank me in few years.. go 2 mall and look about and c wt type of gals are married/in a reationship

    trust me enjoy ur youth and when the guys grow up abit they b all over u aswell


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