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what is a fast way to lose belly fat?

i have a little stomach. i don’t really care about how much i weigh. i just want to look good. all i need is to lose about 2-4 inches off my waist or maybe 10-15 lbs to be satisfied. i go to the gym every day. i run or play racketball everyday and i lift 4x a week. i’m trying to eat less and healthier. do you think i could lose it in 3 months?

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5 Responses to “what is a fast way to lose belly fat?”

  1. tredd said :

    try the south beach diet

  2. big boy15 said :

    wear some black in the sun

  3. 5abi jatt said :

    yes u will i have the same problem but dont worry it will work

  4. kidcodell said :

    id go with running on a tred mill that will help or just walking alot will definetly do it

  5. Ravyn. said :

    get the hip hop abs it worked for me because you are working out but kind of like dancing. you can really feel it working


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