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What is a discount health insurance plan for self employed in California who is an Urban Planner?

I know that certain trade organizations offer discount health insurance under group rates if you join. However, I am unaware of any groups for a person who is self employed as an expeditor–a person who works in the urban planning field filing cases. He pays a exhoribant monthy premium for his health insurance.

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2 Responses to “What is a discount health insurance plan for self employed in California who is an Urban Planner?”

  1. goodplan said :

    This site has helped me. Great savings!

    Good luck to you!

  2. Best Discount Benefits said :

    Discount health and dental plans differ from healthcare insurance in several important ways. Discount healthcare programs are available to anyone. Unlike traditional insurance, you are immediately qualified. There can be no denial for health conditions, you may begin using services immediately, and there is no paper work to process. Services are unlimited throughout your membership period for the same low membership fee. Getting started is easy, and your acceptance is guaranteed.

    Your membership fee entitles you to unlimited services throughout the year with no maximums on services. You may receive services as often as needed and still get the same pre-negotiated discounted rates. In comparison, traditional insurance requires costly deductibles, imposes limits on the number of times you can receive services and establishes annual maximums on services.

    Simply enroll online anytime, and you are immediately accepted regardless of your age or pre-existing conditions. Your membership card will arrive by mail in 7-10 business days. Once you have located a provider in your area, using the provider services directory, simply make an appointment and show your membership card when you arrive for your appointment. Then you just pay the pre-negotiated discounted rate at your time of service. You’ll love how you save money using these plans. Don’t get caught paying full price for your health care!

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