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What is a brain fart ?

A brain fart is considered a momentary forgetfulness, where you feel the words are just in the “tip of your tongue”. A brain fart can happen in different instances like temporarily forgetting a story before speaking or being unable to recall a common knowledge instantly.

Experiencing a brain fart is not a disease. Many people experience this when they temporarily lose concentration in a given situation, such as making a left exit when you have been driving your whole life home and knowing instinctively that you should have taken a right turn. During unfocused moments like these, familiar situations, things, knowledge and items become temporarily unfamiliar. While many people overcome brain fart instantly, others deal with making the mistakes before their normal self comes back.

The term brain fart was coined because experts believe that the situations people experience are comparable to intestinal flatulence. With the same idea of a fart wherein the body emits an unwelcomed burst of gas occasionally, the human brain could also develop instances of unfiltered thoughts or forgetfulness.  Although brain farts are somewhat embarrassing, most cases quickly go away on their own.

Experts suggest that the brain fart people sometimes experience may refer to brain infarction, a sudden burst of blood vessels, leading to strokes or other serious health problems. Suffering this kind of infraction may cause the same effects of a “brain fart”.

However, occasional memory disturbances or short-term memory less is perfectly normal. Only a few people can get through an entire day without experience momentary forgetfulness, so anyone can use the excuse of a brain fart when such instances occur.

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