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What in your opinion is the most healthy chocolate and where do I buy it?

I am looking for healthy chocolates and if anyone know where I can buy it, then please let me know.

It will be much appreciated!

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13 Responses to “What in your opinion is the most healthy chocolate and where do I buy it?”

  1. Samantha said :

    dark chocolate

  2. Believe? said :

    Dark organic chocolate eg Green and Blacks. It’s in Asda Tescos Sainsburys etc

  3. Will said :

    80% plus chocolate is said to be good for you in moderation.

    If you want me to lie to you, eat lots and lots of galaxy chocolate, that is uber good for you 😉

  4. gorx97 said :

    lets face it, chocolate is not healthy

    no matter what kind of chocolate you buy, it is always going to be terrible for you

    if just HAVE to have chocolate, then i suggest fondue.

    chocolate strawberries are delicious, and at least part of it is healthy

  5. dawn-chorus said :

    Organic chocolate is best is you are looking for the healthiest option in the chocolate range. The Co-Op stores have a nice selection of Fair Trade chocolate as do Tesco. Organic Dark chocolate is available from most supermarkets, health stores and Boots.

  6. Julie said :

    I think its supposed to be Green and Blacks dark choc., less fat and sugar – still tastes nice though.

  7. sweetroll said :

    Chocolate by itself is actually not that bad for you. Like cocoa powder. It’s what is added to it, like milk fat and sugar that makes it ‘bad’. Of course eaten in moderation won’t kill you. Eaten as part of your daily diet (like someone I work with eats probably a pound a day of various candy bars etc and wonders why she’s fat) is bad.

  8. serendipity said :

    Organic Dark Chocolate

  9. geriprof said :

    Dark organic chocolate at Tesco

  10. Nikki V said :

    The funny thing is that the healthiest chocolate is dark chocolate. You can buy this anywhere that you want because it is sold anywhere.

  11. Calypso said :

    dark chocolate has antioxidants

  12. internetoptimiser said :

    The best is Xocai because that is cold processed. You can become a distributor then buy it at wholesale prices.

  13. ♥♥♥ said :

    dark chocolate


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