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What healthy things to eat for breakfast?

I am 15 and 5’2” and 120lb. I want to be healthy and lose 20 pounds, however long it takes. I jump on my big trampoline for 30 minutes a day, do 100 situps, and 100 jumping jacks. I also ride my bike a lot. I think I got the exercise part down, now what do I eat? I only want to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I eat the school lunch but what are some good meals to eat for breakfast and dinner? Thanks!

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7 Responses to “What healthy things to eat for breakfast?”

  1. Meng said :

    Lots of fiber. It will fill you up and you won’t really gain from it. Fruits and oatmeal for breakfast is the right way to go. Just lay off the sugar. No more soda or sugar drinks and definitely no fast food breakfast. Drop the eggs, ham, and bacon and bread, you don’t need those.

  2. ~mobabe~ said :

    I have provided a site where you can go and select the type of diet that is best for your lifestyle. Some of the sites are free and give many meal plans and suggestions for weight loss. Good luck.

  3. Kammaira said :

    If you are living an active life, i think you need supplements. The best meals to stay healthy is of course a low fats! When you do all the stuff you say you do, a lose a lot of vitamins (from your body). That’s why i suggest you take some supplement so that you wont lose all the vitamins that essential to your body prior to you active lifestyle. Where are you from anyway? I would suggest Nutrilite by AMWAY supplements (if you consider to take some).

  4. itzsel g said :

    fruits to break fast w/ yogurth and some milk chocolate

    and to dinner somethin not too heavy

  5. DAISY said :

    Count those calories. The key is low fat high fiber. You wanna get the most out of your calories. Fiber One is the BEST cereal for dieting. Use very little milk, just enough to wet it. Save your calories for food you can chew, not liquid calories. Your dinner plate should be 3/4 veggies and 1/4 low fat meat and maybe a complex carb.
    It is the holiday season, so you need to allow a LITLLE treat maybe once a day (mini candy bar or 1 cookie). Or you will end up bingeing.
    Drink lots of calorie free beverages. You will be too full to eat a lot, and all the bathroom activity will keep you moving.

  6. Munchie said :

    breakfast: try a gronola cerail and some sliced fruit. or mabey some cream-of-wheat, blueberrys, and a cup of juice or milk (also soy milk)

    dinner: have a sandwich with wheat bread, tomatos, lettuce, other veggies, slice of low-fat cheese, and a dime size drop of a sauce of your choice spread around. you could also try a chicken or steak salad without frenchfries or cheese.

  7. googlexed said :

    Breakfast: Try to have lots of nutrients and fibers and fruits. Eat Cheerios, Raison Bran, Total, or anything of that sort. Oatmeal is also good. And once a week, if you like hot breakfasts, you could have like a 2 egg omelet with a bunch of veggies with a small slice of bread.

    Dinner: Try to go half-vegatarian. Eat small portions of meats only 3 times a week. Eat lots of veggies and stay away from the bread and potatoes.

    Also, you should eat at least 4-6 times because eating 3 big meals isn’t good for you. Try making your meals smaller and have 2 snacks like fruits or even those 100 calorie packs.


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