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What healthy foods can you eat on a no solid diet?

My mom just had surgery on her mouth and cannot eat any solid food for 6 weeks. She’s been eating mostly soups, but need ideas for healthy things she can eat with protein & vitamins to keep her full.

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3 Responses to “What healthy foods can you eat on a no solid diet?”

  1. TX Mom said :

    Get Whey powder, and mix it into a milk shake or smoothy. Carnation instant breakfast is great, too. Slim-fast or boost will work.

    TX Mom

  2. Leona W said :

    Search the internet for some good smoothie recipes – they can be quite tasty and healthy also.

  3. julie said :

    be sure you are using homemade soup and blend them or use a lot of veggies and drink the broth and freeze the veggies for later.

    Use also fresh homemade juices with a juicer

    Add to your smoothies (made with organic milk, soy, rice, oat or almond milk in addition to fruit supplements like nutritional yeast (torula..these yellow flakes are the best source of b vitamins there is. also add things like wheat germ, lecithin (get this stuff at a health food store), good protein powders, bee pollen and so forth

    Add spirulina or alfalfa powder or wheat grass powder to tomato or v 8 juice and she will get nearly all her vitamins.

    The book dining in the raw has tons of healthy homemade raw soups. I had a great one is so tasty and so healthy

    mix in a blender or better yet a vitamix one avocado, 2 pounds (I used one) of raw spinach, 2 garlic cloves, 1/2 cup of parsley, braggs amino acid to taste (you could substitute soy sauce) and juice of two lemons..instead of parsley dill can be substituted..this is brimming with nutrition and after surgery she needs good nutrition

    If she can handle it a good and tasty bean dip can be made

    blend 2 cans drained beans (like kidney, pinto or black etc) with one tsp each of paprika, cumin (the secret ingredient), oregano, and garlic powder. also one onion and 4 tbs of apple cider vinegar (hot peppers optional but I would be sure they are mild as it might hurt), also 2 cloves of garlic..heat the beans and add to the other ingredients and blend and then add one cup of cheese.

    This is so tasty even without breads, crackers or veggies. Thin it out a little with the liquid from the beans or a little water if too thick for her.

    both the raw spinach soup and the bean dip are so good I have taken them to potlucks and they are a hit.

    This bean dip is ultra nutritious in addition to being nutrtious..I often leave out the cheese as I don’t think cheese is that nutritious but I do sometimes use organic cheese and this certainly adds protein..both the bean dip and the raw spinach soup are very nutritious.

    this bean dip can definitely be made thin enough to drink and it will really be good for her to feel full

    If you are mostly giving her canned soups this is very likely not healthy for her unless maybe they are health food store soups or homemade

    Also freeze juice and make juice Popsicles and thaw slightly and make slushie type drinks for a cold treat


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