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What healthy diet can I follow when I’m not going to be home or around a refrigerator from 10 to 5?

I’m going to be in classes from 10 to 5 daily during the week. What do you recommend I eat so I can still be healthy. I don’t want to resort to junk food! I’m looking to lose weight.

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6 Responses to “What healthy diet can I follow when I’m not going to be home or around a refrigerator from 10 to 5?”

  1. Serene E said :

    Lots of fruits, veggies whole grain bread, granola bars with lots of fiber.

  2. [O]peration [I]raqi [L]iberation said :

    You need to take a snack and get a chance to eat it somehow, 7 hours is too long to go without eating if you’re trying to lose weight. Take fruit and some mixed nuts and eat them halfway through the day, or a sandwich.

  3. "Brick" said :

    Pack cans of Campbell’s Healthy Selections soups and a microwavable bowl. Progresso also makes healthy soups. Also, toss in an apple or tomato or a banana. Pack individual cans or mini-bottles of V8.

  4. Daniel said :

    hi thats pretty simple really if you dont mind fruit and salad then you just freshly prepare a salad mix on the night and take them with you wherever you go and you can simply eat them whenever your hungry, try things such as lettuce cabbage carrot sticks cucumber peas and other healthy vegeatables along with a few fruits. or maybe you could try a few non fat cerials that are 100% wheat and homegrain.

  5. Marijo said :

    I would not recommend you to not eat seven solid hours. From every point of view that’s very bad. I would say the best diet whether you are diabetic or not, is the low gi diet, because you need to eat the kind of food that makes you feel full for long periods. And those are the low glycemic index foods, which your body takes more time to process. Generally complex carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, fiber. Avoid sugar, sweets and saturated fats. You’ll be surprised at how soon you’ll see results, lose weight and feel great.

  6. nuc99705 said :


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