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What health insurance is best and affordable for my wife?

We had a baby 3 months ago, but I am looking for health insurance that is good and affordable for my wife. Any suggestions?

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5 Responses to “What health insurance is best and affordable for my wife?”

  1. jxt299 said :

    Leave America. France, England, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand…actually most of the developed countries in the world have good health insurance but it is not available in the US because…well ask the insurance companies why not.

  2. One Sailors Lady said :

    There is no possible way for us to answer this. Health insurance (if you are not able to get in on a group insurance plan through work) is based on previous health history. You should NEVER LIE on these. Because we don’t know your wife’s health background, we can’t give you an answer. ALL companies charge based on history, sex, and smoking.

    You seem to not really know a lot about this subject, so you are going to want to get someone to help you understand what all the termanology is so that you don’t make a costly mistake. If you are married, most every employer will allow you to add both your wife and your dependant (your child). This will be at a MUCH lower cost than buying something seperate. If you are NOT married, many states have rights for opposite sex domestic partners on their insurance plans. If YOU are working, go to your HR department and speak with your “Benifits Coordinator” to ask all the questions you need to ask. They are there to help!

  3. slavebunney said :

    Yea it sucks how our health-care system hasn’t caught up yet. It makes me furious. Anyhow, I’ve heard Blue Cross/Blue Shield is good and I believe it’s the most inexpensive. I had Cigna for a while and that was good. Health-Net is pretty good only if you don’t have any pre-existing conditions otherwise they really raise the premium. Look into Eatna as well. I’ve heard there a little more pricier in comparison to the others but I’ve also heard that they seem to cover more.

  4. Katherine K said :


    Unfortunately this is not a quick answer. There are some things to consider:

    If buying insurance in the the private insurance market there are many different types of plans. There are several questions that you will want to ask before selecting a plan:

    1) Will I need my wife’s plan to cover maternity for future babies? Some plans cover maternity, some do not.
    2) How much premium can I afford to pay every month?
    3) If something major should happen to my wife, what would be the maximum that I could afford to pay. (This will help determine the deductible of the plan that you’ll pick)

    There are wesbites available that will allow you to look at plans from several carriers (Blue Cross vs. Health Net vs. Aetna, etc) and compare benefits and premiums. A site like this could be helpful in your research.

    The typical rule of thumb will be that the higher monthly premium you pay for a plan, the better or “richer” the benefits will be. That is a trade off that applies accross all carriers for the most part. Have you wife think about how much she used her health plan in a “typical” year. (i.e., non maternity year) This can help you pick a plan that will not having you paying for services you don’t need, but will provide the coverage that you and your wife want.

    Good luck!

    Kathy K

  5. katty.pitt said :

    In general, these days (21st century) the best is a combination of a HSA plan extremely high deductible and MySimpleCard for the everyday dr’s visits. Best overall coverage for the buck as a combination. Give us more details and we can help more specifically.


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