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What harm to health if eat allergy medicine every day?

My wife’s skin itches, and she has to eat allergy medicine everyday, now it has lasted for 3 years, now, her heart feel not good, I am not sure if it is because she eat allergy medicine too much. Please advise what harm it will do for a person who has eaten allergy medicine many years? please please …, thanks!

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4 Responses to “What harm to health if eat allergy medicine every day?”

  1. kind said :

    these medicines do not have ill effect on heart
    tab. cetirizine 10mg daily will suffice
    tab. piriton 4mg daily

    she should take high calcium diet . or should chew tab ostocalcium once or twice daily for 1 to 3 months. calcium is helpful in allergic problems

    you have not written symptoms of heart trouble

  2. gdamodharreddy said :

    Dear friend,
    better dont use continue medicine for long time. some time patient body will develop resistant to the medicine . it work reverse .
    first take your wife to the doctor why she is having this issue . what deficiency is this . so try to find out then stop doing that . and try to take balancing diet . tell her to drink lot of water and water content fruits .
    3 moths is enough is see good results .


  3. Veronica S said :

    Hi Bob
    I use to keep my husband awake at night scratching myself, he thought he was on a massage bed the bed was always moving. I use to bandage myself up Bob it was ssssoooooo bad I would bleed on the sheets and ooze I know it sounds disgusting the reason I am telling you this is so you can know I really have been there, the allergy then started attacking my lungs and I developed etaceria which is a allergy inside the body I removed all colorants and preservatives from my diet Bob, drank water and tried to eat as many fresh fruit and veggies as possible of course still steak, chicken etc as well. I have not scratched it 3 years if I go on a eating binge and eat all sorts of rubbish it is back in 48hours so I KNOW it is definitely the food. I hope this really helps you guys Bob good luck!

  4. Ruxa said :

    Taking too much allergy medication (excessive use) is very likely to cause you immunitary prooblems for your health system. However, if you follow a strict medical prescription you’re very likely to be headed right. It all depends on how certain you are on this allergy medicine. Here is my source where you can find more:


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