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What happens with your health insurance while your on maternity leave?

Since I won’t be getting my paycheck while I’m on maternity leave, what will happen with my health insurance? My employer pays most of it, but they still take about $100 a week out of my check for what I have to pay. If I’m not getting a paycheck while I’m on leave, how will my insurance be paid? I have short term disability that I pay into voluntarily every week, so that’s what I’ll be living off of while I’m out, which isn’t really much. How will the insurance get paid?

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5 Responses to “What happens with your health insurance while your on maternity leave?”

  1. Freddy Fuhktarred said :

    You still have to pay your insurance, even when you are out on FMLA. Most likely, the money will be deducted from your first paycheck when you get back. You might talk to HR and see if they can spread it out over a few checks, they might do this for you.

  2. Casey Y said :

    You still have to pay it, you are still receiving the benefits of the policy. Contact your HR department to see how they handle it. You might be required to send them a check every week, or it might come out when you return.

  3. Marco's girl said :

    You will still be responsible for paying for your portion of the insurance payment. You should make an appointment with your Human Resource representative to find out how your company does this. They may deduct this from your pay upon returning, or they may require that he money be paid upfront or bi-weekly. It depends on the company you work for.

  4. mbrcatz said :

    You’ll have to ask your employer. At worst, you’ll have to cut a check for it. At best, the employer will advance it, and subtract what you owe out of the next paycheck(s) you get after you return to work.

    Babies DO take 9 months to grow, so you’ve got time to put away some money and save for the extra costs.

  5. Wilson Sojka said :

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