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what foods can i eat and not eat if i want to lose weight fast?

im not fat and im not skinny but over the past few months ive put on a bit of weight and im going on holiday in 3 months i need to lose it all lol what are the best foods and drink to consume and not ?

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One Response to “what foods can i eat and not eat if i want to lose weight fast?”

  1. M said :

    Well instead of saying everything you shouldn’t eat I will tell you what you CAN eat and drink.

    -Vegetables (limit potatoes)
    -Whole Grains (limit these starches though)
    -Low fat dressings
    -Fiber bars/cereals
    -Skim Milk
    -low-fat cheeses
    -Greek Yogurt
    -Plain almonds/nuts (no salt or butter on them/ only 1 serving)
    -lean meats (chicken and turkey/ not fried)

    These are the best foods you can eat and you will definitly lose weight as long as you eat only when your hungry.You don’t want to over eat because you will never lose weight that way . But, remember to add daily exercise with your diet. I think cardio would be the best to start off with, then after you’ve started losing some weight add in a bit of muscle building exercises( light weights).


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