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What foods are there to eat that help/make you lose weight fast?

I want to lose weight. I’m in college I eat in a dinning hall and am busy but I do have time to go to the gym. I go to the gym about 2-3 times a week for about a half an hour. What foods are there to eat that help/make you lose weight fast? Remeber I eat in a Dinning Hall.

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9 Responses to “What foods are there to eat that help/make you lose weight fast?”

  1. noname said :

    like just sandwhiches, or salads etc

  2. Joey B said :

    I would highly recommend reading this page and maybe get the free e-book called Insider Secrets to A Lean Body available here:….
    They also have a few articles on this site on how to lose stomach fat fast…

  3. Brandy said :

    Grapefruit is a great dieter’s food. If you eat it plain then there are hardly any calories at all. Also drink a lot of water.

  4. James S said :

    Fruits and Vegetables

  5. Kit said :

    Alot of water. I mean water all the time and sushi.

    Since it is raw is the the best for protein and it keeps your metabolism buring longer since it takes your body longet to digest the raw meat.

    Tuna is the best or salmon. Eel is also great.

  6. dcrc93 said :

    i lost 40 lbs
    mostly on instant oatmeal
    however you need fruits and veggies
    and some meats

  7. Scabs said :

    i dont like pushing vegetarianism on people for personal reasons, but i do for health reasons. if youre looking to lose weight, cutting out meat will offer great results. everyone i know who has become a vegetarian-the right way-has seen a dramatic weight loss in the beginning. its definitely sustainable too, if you keep on a healthy track. there are alterna-meats which make it really easy. also, despite what some people believe, it can be a lot cheaper than being a carnivore.
    at any rate, if you cant see yourself taking that route, eat LEAN meats only. limit carbs, and even if you eat meats, try to use beans in place of meats in some dishes. you will see an impact even with this step.

  8. Sai2301 said :

    to admit the truth i really dont know how to answer your question but here are foods which i eat to accelerate weight loss-steamed fish,veggies,fruits,raw almonds,raw cashewnuts,dried figs,green tea,lowfat dairy,lots of water and minimal carbs..

  9. nnl1760 said :

    Try the low-carb diet. Pretty much all the meat, cheese and veggies you want. Just stay under 20-30 carbs per day. Worked for me! I dropped 50 pounds and have kept it off.


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