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What food can be put on a healthy cafe menu?

My mum is opening a cafe within the next three weeks, she is completely clueless! And I really want to help her.

What food can be put on the menu and it can only be reasonably healthy meals or snacks.

Any ideas on prices too?

If you have an insight or you have some knowledge could you please email me? or just leave a comment.

Thank you.
Thank you, I know it is late and I hope it goes well for her.

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16 Responses to “What food can be put on a healthy cafe menu?”

  1. locked_ said :

    toasted subs

  2. Anne C said :

    Make sure there’s a great veggie sandwich with hummus or avocados. Oatmeal is a very healthy breakfast, especially with fresh peaches or other fruit.

  3. Confuzzled said :

    Healthy and economic meals are best choices…Fresh not fried, boiled not deep fried…..clean fresh vegetables combined with low fat meats and whole grain breads will have people coming back for more….you can still do chips as a side dish but take a look on websites like Sainsburys recipe site for healthy choices – Tuna, Fish like mackerell, lean chicken, beef, lamb and low fat cheeses, colourful sandwiches with lots of crunch and texture….grill bacon don’t fry it….may help her to do a Home Economics or cooking course at the local college so she can get some idea’s on nutrition and recipes!!!

  4. sweetmini said :

    Have some good low fat sndwiches.You can look up the recipes on net.(Use lot of vegetables and low fat sandwich spread)
    Also U can have omlettes made with egg whites alone.
    You can have a complete meal consisting of One sandwich,one salad,some fruit pieces and a low calorie drink.
    You can also get lot of low fat dessert recipes from the net
    The pricing depends on where exactly u r planning to open ur cafe.Add that detail.

  5. wet26 said :

    Your mum is opening a cafe within the next three weeks, yet she is completely clueless as to a menu and pricing and is resorting to having her daughter ask on yahoo answers?

    Please wish your mum the best in her new venture.

  6. Kirstyyy. said :

    – Foccacias with different fillings.
    eg, avocado + chicken.

    – A variety of salads.
    eg. thai beef salad, greek salad, spicy bean salad, garden salad, fruit salad, pasta salad, potato salad, tuna salad.

    – Wraps/Sandwiches -have a variety of bread, fillings that you they can choose themselves, also allow choices such if they want it toasted or fresh. Make it in front of the customer.

    – Fresh fruit smoothies/juices, pre-cut fruit, blended in front of the customer.

    – Fritattas, pre-cooked, serve cold or heated up.

    – Fruit tart-lets, Fruit Slice, Brownies, Fruit-cake

    eg. Tomato soup, Pumpkin soup, Minestrone, Bean soup

    -Meats + Fish served grilled, with some kind of salad and sauce drizzled on top.

    -Chocolate Fondue with Fruit Kebabs


    – Pastas. None with heavy creams, mainly vegetable pastas.
    eg. Tortillini, Bruschetta pasta

    – Steamed foods

    -Healthy-ish tacos

    – Sushi

    I’m unsure of what prices you should put, depends on price you buy food for and also size of meal.

  7. padmini said :

    Try a carrot-ginger cake, vegetable juices and sandwitches with avocado and sprouts. Include green tea special varieties (like kukicha and oolong) – and what about some kombucha? Mastic stuff is great too (OK I am Greek after all!)… You could make by yourself youghurt ice cream and, and… gosh, opening such a cafe is one of my dreams and I could write for hours! ): Good luck anyway!!

  8. ferdee said :

    most coffee shop serve with pastries and sandwiches regarding price you can minimize your food cost by avoiding expensive ingredients what matter most is the quality of food and presentation.
    And much more be aware to your daily ,weekly inventory so you can easily monitor your sales. specially coffee you should understand for how many servings you serve have for an oz and every single inch in your store.
    hope this help,same you me i’m in a same business.

  9. granny.rose23 said :

    I kid you not;
    This is a VERY POPULAR meal in my country, especially in cafes where people pay quite well for the treat.
    Its simple to make and the fillings can be as various as you like, from baked beans to curried beef mince to green salad things to cheese or even processed cold meats.
    Try this one;
    It will become popular and become your signature meal that will attract people from afar to your little place.
    Here is how;

    Bread Fritters;
    Go to the bakery section of the store where you normally buy bread.
    Ask the baker for an “unbaked” loaf of bread.
    He must put exactly the same amount of dough he would have used to bake a bread with in to a plastic bag for you, and it would cost no more than a loaf of bread.

    Take that home and in a pot warm some cooking oil to about half the depth of the pot. (Smaller pots take less oil than bigger ones do)…
    The oil temperature should be medium hot. (About half the heat that the stove plate will go)

    Now cut from the unbaked dough a slice about the size of your palm, and with a little water on your fingers (to prevent the dough from sticking to your hand), stretch out the dough in all directions until it is about the size of your whole hand including the fingers. That brings the cutting of dough to about twice the size it was when you cut it….

    Now with care, drop the stretched out dough in to the hot oil.
    It would rise almost instantly.
    Fry it in the oil until it is golden brown all over, taking care to turn it over occasionally.
    It would be puffy and crisp when done.

    With a large ladle or sieve, scoop out the bread fritter and place on an absorbent kitchen towel to rid it of most of the oil still on it.
    Repeat this process until all the dough is done.

    These bread fritters are extremely filling, and can be cut open and filled with almost anything from grated cheese to minced meat to cold processed meat, syrup or jam.
    Try it, you will probably have some left over for two or three days, which you can take to work if you like….
    Bread fritters can be frozen and warmed up again if you have made too much, but the dough cannot, so rather make the whole lot and freeze what is left over for another day. If you decide to freeze them, do so without a filling. Fillings should always be made fresh.
    Finger snack variety;
    By making the bread dough cutting about half the size when cutting off the raw dough from the batch, you can make smaller sized bread fritters and fill them with fancy foods like tuna mince or savory beef mince for buffet snack parties

    Here is another one of those extraordinary recipes that you might want to sell in jars out of the cafe

    Green pepper marmalade/jam

    This is a lovely jam for having on toast. Be sure to chop the green peppers finely

    4 cups of finely chopped green peppers500 ml sugar
    2 ml salt2 ml fine ginger
    2 ml mixed spice

    Mix all ingredience in a stainless steel pot and stand for 21/2 hours. Bring to boil for about 40 minutes over a moderate heat until syrup thickens. Remove from heat and bottle while warm in sterilized bottles.

  10. Martina L said :

    Rice salads

  11. *♥* The Eyes Have It *♥* said :

    fruit salad

  12. fantasize84 said :

    Toasted sandwich
    Baked potato

  13. Amy W said :

    Baked fish, grilled chicken, spaghetti, sandwiches using french bread and low-fat mayo as an option, different wines, cheeses, maybe ham and cheese on fancy crackers as one of the appetizers, celery and low-fat ranch dressing as a side or appetizer, even celery and peanut butter. Tomato and cucumber salads, chicken ceasar salads, tuna salads, coffee, tea, soda, water.

    For a cafe, try to keep prices low like $5.99 for a lunch meal. If your prices are lower than competition, people will come back, and will especially come back for good food!

  14. KATHRYN B said :

    Home made soup – not packet – with a warm bread roll £2.50-£3
    Sandwiches with a choice of white or wholemeal bread £2.25-£2.50
    Baked potatoes with choice of fillings garnished with small salad £3
    Beans on toast – choice of bread £2
    Poached egg on toast – choice of bread £2
    Warm wrap with choice of fillings garnished with small salad £2.50
    Cheesey chips – cooked chips covered with grated cheese and melted
    for few secs in m’wave £2
    Tea, coffee incl. decaf, fruit teas, mint tea, bot fiz and still water
    Assortment cakes from local bakery £1.50

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