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What food and exercises would assist me in getting fit?

I’m not going to starve myself to get thinner. So I want to do it in the healthiest way I can. I wear a 9 in teens because of my butt and thighs but my waist is like a 1. How can I get myself to a size 5?

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One Response to “What food and exercises would assist me in getting fit?”

  1. N K said :

    definitely you shouldnt starve yourself. if you ask me, you should eat lots of vegetables and small amount of everthing with low fat. you should lose weight in a way that you do in the rest of your life. (of course not that harsh..) eat frequently and little by little , if you eat lots of foods at the same time, your stomach wont be able to digest all of them, it hinders you to lose weight, thats why you should eat less amount of food frequently. also it is important for you to drink water, if you can, you may drink hot water with lemon. it makes the fat in your body to be more easy to lose. another tip is rubdown your body. you can rub your hip sometime in everyday, it makes the fat easy to lose too.
    about the sports, dont you ever do exercise that you will stop doing later. if you push yourself to lose the weight quicky and if you stop doing it later your body will be worse than before believe me! you should do less but all the time.
    hope you lose the weight for good…


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