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What exercise regime should a 17 year old guy have to get fit?

This is to be more healthy but also I would like to look fitter as I’m quite thin.

Whats the best regime to keep myself fit and also get some upper body muscle?


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2 Responses to “What exercise regime should a 17 year old guy have to get fit?”

  1. Nick D said :

    Run and lift weights

  2. said :

    I’m nearly seventeen and as from personal experience, I suggest You to work bodyweight exercises… It will take You more time than a gym practice, but the outcomes are incomparable… If You’d like to buff Yourself up, go to gym, if You’d like to work on Your strength and want to be great athlete, do some pull ups, push ups, crunches, sit ups, lunges, squats, stretches, lots of exercises are available.. These exercises may seem too ordinary, but after a while, they give You the best results… Visit some sites about bodyweight… Just work with Your own weight, don’t use dumb-bells… Enjoy… It’s a lot better effect if You practice while listening to music that keeps You moving…
    PS: I’ve never gone to gym and have quite attractive body with pull ups and push ups… But I also train soccer, so running is very useful too…
    Just do whatever You do properly and constantly… 🙂


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