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what excercise is great for losing weight quickly?

I wanna get in shape and I have started excercising but its hard when you’re overweight. What excercises are good for burning loads of calories and getting the weight off quickly?
I have started slim fast today, seems to be quite good and I feel thinner already, I know that sounds silly but I dont feel bloated.

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20 Responses to “what excercise is great for losing weight quickly?”

  1. earth_chylde2002 said :


    Gentle, does not ‘hurt’ and uses every single muscle too.

    Walking at a good pace up – hill burns off more calories than jogging too, and is easier on your breasts lol.

  2. Neal B said :

    Jogging is a fantastic way to lose weight

  3. Savannah said :

    they have these really great audio books. its like having a personal trainer in your pocket! and they’re cheap!

  4. Jules UK said :

    power walking with your ipod on.

  5. pollyfashoin said :

    do not eat any – crisps, chocolate, cahes.etc

    Runnung is a great way to burn off thoses calories and try dancing aswell – everday – 20 mins runnung – maybe 20 starjumps

    stick to it – and you will loose te weight

    Also do swimmimg – that is a great excecise

  6. sassyj said :

    Im obese and Ive started walking and cutting calories with eating healthy. And ive lost 9 pounds in the last four weeks. You can also bike ride, climb stairs, hike, do light aerobics at home, house cleaning, swimming, dancing, and a number of other things. You can go to calorie counting sights like and look up what excersizes burn what calories. I know for my weight and height that walking for one hour at 3 mph on a level surface will burn 300 calories.

  7. The Naked Chef said :

    The quicker you lose it, the more quicker it will come back on if you slide. Diets are a myth, forget the word diet. Change your lifestyle completely. First look at what your eating, then work on gradual exercise and increase it as you get fitter. I’d start with light jogging, build it up to..start with say 2 miles every other day. Eat protein, whole foods like seeds, nuts, fruit, veg. Drink plenty of water and get good rest at night

  8. jamesdean2002uk said :

    any !!! specially swimming

  9. Star Candi said :

    Walking, then when that becomes easier, Start jogging build up to running. Swimming of course and always remember to do some reps to build you fat to musle ratio.

  10. My name is DAN!! said :

    you can loose weight quickly by dancing on a band saw, you’ll loose a limb but the weight will fly off

  11. Heidi's Mummy said :

    See your doctor before embarking on any fitness regime.

    There are no quick fixes that will work in the long run.

    Remember – slow and steady wins the race.

    You need to do cardio and toning
    Swimming – this is excellent as it combines both elements and is low impact.

    If you ever feel less than motivated I always say this to myself before I go for my daily run

    ‘To have an athletic figure, I must do athletics!’

    Food wise aim for;

    200-300 cals for breakfast
    60 cal snack
    300-400 cals for lunch
    60 cal snack
    400-500 cals for dinner

    Loads of water, I mean a lot!!! and spike it with some citrus fruit as this has an enzyme in it that quite literally eats fat!

    These meals should be made up of good quality, close to source foods no alcohol, no pop not even the sugar free variety.

    Remember if you have to open a packet (not salads! I mean crisps and chocolate!) to get to it, it is probably man made, processed and full of crap, which in turn is counter productive.

    Another of my many mantras is

    ‘if ya put rubbish in, ya get rubbish out!’ I say that to myself when contemplating sticking a mars bar in my gob!

    Best Wishes
    Kez x

  12. Lulubelz said :

    Swimming is a FAB way to burn off those unwanted pounds, also, if you can join a gym, the cross trainers are amazing!! I love them, as they burn so many more calories than anything else.

    Start walking places instead of car or bus etc, as walking a great way of burning calories, or cycling if you can as well! Just keep yourself moving, even if your sat down, keep your feet moving (this may be annoying for others around you though ha ha!)

    And cut out extra snacks, and try to adopt a better balanced diet too, as exercise whilst eating the wrong food is just not worth it!

    Hope this helps!

  13. ○•○•Cassie•○•○ said :

    Jogging, swimming, aerobics – seriously a cheap aerobics dvd can still really get your heart rate going! I would hunt for a Zumba dvd or kit. I work with a women who started doing a Zumba class at a local fitness center 3 times a week and lost 30 pounds the first month and she said it was fun like dancing.

    Or if you are out of shape and just starting – walking – you can cover 3-4 miles at a moderate pace in an hour a night and that is around 400 extra calories burned.

  14. Mirius said :

    No single exercise is best for losing weight. In fact no matter how much you exercise you won’t automatically lose weight. The one and only thing that will make you lose weight is to look at what you are eating.

    That said, exercise will help to burn the calories you are eating. Personally I don’t think that cardio exercises such as swimming are great for weight loss though they are good for improving your general level of fitness.

    Better than cardio is interval training. Tie that into some general body strengthening routines and you’ll be well placed to lose that weight. Remember that muscle needs to be maintained, and the more muscle you have the more calories your body needs to burn. I’m not suggesting that you start bodybuilding or visibly bulking up. When you exercise it breaks down your muscles, when you rest your body rebuilds those muscles, a process that will help burn calories. The sort of routines I’m suggesting will make sure that not only will you burn calories when you are exercising, but you’ll burn them when you are resting too.

  15. xoxnattyxox said :

    healthy diet is very essential, exercise regurlarly(everyweek) do exercises that involve your own body wieght, not weights. start small, then work up to challenge yourself a little.

  16. vaibhav s said :

    cycling at least 20 kms a day morning & night split

  17. emmalouise120783 said :

    lots of sex!!!

  18. Michel J said :

    You should change you eating course.

    You should just take a cup tea or juice or milk in morning.

    You should take lunch with fixed diet (which is your normal diet, don’t eat much)

    You should take dinner with fixed diet.

    You should take only 2 time food in a day. Don’t eat or drink other thing except water between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner.

    after that no need for excercise.

  19. pacificriders said :

    interval cardio

  20. Brendan Footer said :

    Just a fast hello and also to thank you for discussing your ideas on this page. I wound up in your blog right after researching physical fitness connected issues on Yahoo guess I lost track of what I had been performing! Anyway I’ll be back once again within the long term to test out your blogposts down the road. Thanks!


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