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What excercise can i do at home to lose weight?

I am 5″5 and weigh 13 stone. I seriously need to lose weight that i have put on from having a baby a year ago and eating excessively lately due to depression. What excercise can i do at home to lose inches off my waist, stomach, bum and hips? I cant afford a gym and cant go running as i have a 1 year old to look after? Your help is appreciated….

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2 Responses to “What excercise can i do at home to lose weight?”

  1. Javier169 said :

    nothing is better the sit ups and push ups. You can also do little things…like when you grab the milk out the fridge…curl it a couple of times before putting it back…tumble with the toddler a bit to get your heart moving…and also buy salads…white meat…eat healthier…this will help too

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