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What effects does yo-yo dieting have on the body?

I keep hearing that it takes its toll on the body, but in what way?

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5 Responses to “What effects does yo-yo dieting have on the body?”

  1. kate_juicy81 said :

    when u crash diet your body loses muscle which is bad because as soon as u start eating normally it turns to fat.thats why yo yo dieters struggle to lose weight in th long run.

  2. Allie said :

    It can make your body resist weight loss, for one. Also, different diets can be very unhealthy and trying a bunch of them in a short period can lead to a bunch of health problems.

    If you need to lose weight for health reasons, then talk to your doctor- he or she can put you on a good nutritional plan and help you to know what exercises will help.

  3. bobbathejobba said :

    My wife did yo-yo dieting all through her teen years.

    At 26 she was taken into hospital after a week of incredible pain and diagnosed with gall stones.

    The doctors explained then that the cause was most likely to be yo-yo dieting. I kid you not – even with very high levels of morphine she was still in agony. Don’t do it!

    Sensible weight loss is 2lbs a week tops.

    Also – if you starve yourself your body will then store future food as fat (as emergency stores) – therefore you are more likely to put on weight when you eat normally.

  4. richardjamesuk said :

    Yo-Yo dieting does effect your body plus your body (you will be surprised at this) can be trained to a diet. For example I don’t eat red meat(i worked as a butcher in a supermarket with at University and it put me off for life), and I hadn’t for four years but when I had some about 5 months ago my body was so sick and my digetsive system caused me problems infact I had to go to the doctor about it. I still don’t eat red meat plus other food as I’m allergic to certain things cocoa, too much yeast and lots of things. That’s why before you do a diet you should go to your doctor and then a dietician and they can work out the best diet for you! Not all diets are for everybody! But try to eat a balanced diet and you should be okay, but be careful of bingeing! LOL i went through some sweets the other day like no bodies business. Good luck!

  5. brad said :

    Work with your body not against it. Diet the proper way and control your metabolism.

    Highly Recommended Weight Loss Programs:

    The Gold Coast Diet – Metabolic Weight Loss Program


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