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What effects does vodka have when dieting?

Is it high in a particular nutrient?

How many calories are in vodka? What would having vodka do if trying to lose weight?

Just curious is all
Also is it hard to burn off?

In your answer please give ml of what your talking about 🙂

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6 Responses to “What effects does vodka have when dieting?”

  1. Terry O said:

    Vodka is just flavored alcohol, which metabolizes as sugar, so you are adding empty calories to your intake.

  2. Binki said:

    Vodka’s always good!

    It’s like, the lowest calorie alcohol I know of. If you shot it and chase with diet ice tea you can get nice and tipsy for like, no calories.

    If I sound too enthusiastic just blame it on Australian culture 😀

  3. Danimal said:

    you could get drunk and say F*** the diet Ima get a big bacon cheese burger Yeah!!!

  4. isaulte said:

    Vodka has no nutritional value.

    The only thing it might do is cheer you up after a hard week of dieting. Mixed with a sugar-free mixer, of course.

  5. Kelly said:

    Vodka is one of the best things to drink on a diet cause lower in calaries than most drinks. Make sure you drink it with a low fat mixer though like diet coke. I drink it with lime and soda.

    The worst thing for me is eating the next day, i get hangover hunger where i can eat and eat and its usually rubbish.

  6. Mumsey said:

    The problem with alcohol is that your body treats it like a poison.
    When you exercise the body will get rid of the alcohol 1st and the fat get left until the body is clean inside.
    So you could be exercising and not get rid of any fat.
    Try drinking fruit juices and water for a week and see if it makes a difference.


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