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What does “losing weight too fast” mean?

I mean, how many pounds/kg does one lose in a week to be classified as losing weight too fast or dangerously fast?

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8 Responses to “What does “losing weight too fast” mean?”

  1. Pinky and THE BRAIN said :

    you want to be losing 2lb a week in weight, otherwise you’re not losing fat but water and muscle

  2. SuCkS fOr J0o said :

    You lose weight so fast your skin doesnt catch up and then you have nasty flappy skin that can only be fixed with surgery.

  3. pathfinder said :

    Like dropping 2-3 pound a day.

  4. Berries said :

    I would say more than 3 pounds in a week is unhealthy

  5. SmartAleck said :

    Ive heard that losing more than 2lbs a week can be unsafe. I would say in the range of 2-4lbs is what you want to try to lose in a week. Anything more would probably be dangerous and unhealthy.

  6. Nati** said :

    Normaly you have to lose 1kg per week if you start losing 3kg and more that’s too fast

  7. Mary G said :

    ask your doctor

  8. natz2 said :

    If you loose weight too fast it will go back on you fast, 1-3lbs a week is fine


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