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What does it take to be a superskinny size 4?

i am a uk size 12 and i am 5,6 i dont think this is healthy.
i am 14 yrs old and have a big belly and boobs (topheavy)
i dont want to be size 0 but i wanted to know how i could get down to a size 8
i want to be skinny before the 2nd of september and at least a size 10 hopefully 8
i am currently eating special k for breakfast and lunch as i am on that diet.
is there a way that i can quickly loose the weight on my boobs and tummy?
i feel fat and my friend is loosing weight now at the rosmary conley clinic but i am not allowed to go
i know it is working for her but i need alternatives. i cant go to the gym because i am under 16 so my options are limited. what ways do people use to get to size 4 to 8 (UK)?
i want to be skinny for school as this is my gcse year and i am desperate help meee x.

* 18 hours ago
* – 3 days left to answer.

also how many calories should i consume

i weigh around 10 to 11 stone 🙁

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One Response to “What does it take to be a superskinny size 4?”

  1. ats02171 said :

    well 150-165 isn’t a bad weight for you height. not everyone is ment to be a size 4 and size 4 in the uk is 00 in america. the only way to lose weight right is proper well balanced diet and exersie. if you are able to take a walk after breakfast and walk after dinner that will help you lose some weight but to honest i don’t think you body is that bad. you might want to tone up instead of trying to lose pounds.


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