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What does green tea do to help with fat loss?

I am drinking 7 cups per day..AND it’s WORKING..what does it do to make fat loss happen..Please only answer if you really know

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6 Responses to “What does green tea do to help with fat loss?”

  1. Mari said:

    it boosts your metabollism;) and by drinking it instead of coffee your energy doesent dip so you wont need to eat food as much for energy!

  2. Gary D said:

    Green tea supposedly increases your metabolism to encourage your body to burn more calories than it used to. As with any new discovery, there are people who believe it and some who don’t. If it’s working, stick with it! d=)

  3. Joline said:

    Green tea is a great thing to drink to fight against high cholesterol, that I know for sure and that is something the drug companies don’t want you to believe.

  4. TeaHawk said:

    It does two main things that we understand based on clinical research.

    1) It boosts your metabolism. This is because of the caffeine mainly. It also improves insulin sensitivity…

    2) It has a “thermogenic” effect. In other words, the increase in metabolism increases body heat which thereby burns fat. This is because of the polyphenols, a substance in the tea leaves.

    I’ll say until the day I die that the effects of green tea– when brewed or taken as matcha powder– are WAY better than anything pill extract. Because the tea has so many substances in it that *interact*, we don’t fully understand how they work. That’s just me though.

    Great that it’s working for you!

  5. Sherlyn said:

    According to a medical journal study, drinking green tea increases metabolism and suppresses appetite.

    It also lowers your hunger cravings so that you don’t feel the need to munch on food and snacks across the day. This in turn promotes weight loss.

    Green tea extracts are also used in diet pills because they help burn fat.

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