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What do you think of my weight and fat percentage?

I just want an opinion because i’m curious like that.

Height- 5ft 5inches
Weight- 110lbs
Fat percentage- 23%
Age- 16
Pants size- Varies with different companies but most of them are sizes 0-3

I just gained 2percentage of fat over the last 2weeks. Will eating oatmeal twice a day with fruit or veggy and eating special K bars with fruit help? I try to walk around at least an hour a day in my room because I have no time for anything else.
I drink at least 2gallons of water daily in large amounts. I’m constantly thirsty but they already tested me for diabeties and said it was normal.

Just to let you know about my water intake.

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9 Responses to “What do you think of my weight and fat percentage?”

  1. stevooo said :

    Ur fine as you are …. you are thin as it is!!!

    You still have much of puberty to go through first babes

  2. oldsoftee2001 said :

    pay attention to what is in what you eat.

    avoid high fructose corn syrup and drinks high in sugars
    eliminate anything with partionally hydrogenated oil (any kind) – trans fat
    be sure to not eat foods high in saturated fats too.

    fruit, nuts, lean meat, low cal dressings will help.

  3. hollywood said :

    you have a perfect body,stop being so self concous about your looks!Enjoy your beaty you have!Hollywood

  4. becca_2 said :

    i am 5’4″ and 110 with a pant size of 5. when i was in high school i use to wear a size 3 and weight was around 100lbs. i thought i looked good but everyone said i looked ill. you could probably stand to gain five pounds. and doctors say the average or normal body fat percentage for girls is around 18 percent. hope that hellps.

  5. none said :

    ur def healthy!

    but u can always eat right and exercise more, plus i feel better.

  6. stephygirl4ever said :

    Wow….actually I think you’re underweight. You need to gain weight, because you’re really skinny. I’m 12 and weigh 125, and I’m only 5′ 4″, but that’s a normal weight for my age and height. Your BMI is 18.3, which IS underweight.

  7. FishBiscuit said :

    Yes, that is very healthy and ideal. Keep up the good work. I’m trying to get my fat percentage down to 22% – 24%. Well done : )

    Your BMI is 18.3, which is not underweight for your age and height. It would be considered slightly underweight if you were over 18, but even then your body fat percentage would indicate that you are absolutely fine.

    I’m guessing you have a small frame and if you did want to gain weight, then you should only try to add mucle and not gain fat. This will increase your weight and probably lower your body fat percentage a little bit more. You can do this by weight training or taking part in sports such as running and swimming. HTH : )

  8. cool said :

    what do i think? i think you are fine. you are doing great.

  9. Superkitty said :

    Compared to others your age and height, you weigh less than most girls. So I wouldn’t consider you fat, but actually rather skinny. You certainly don’t need to lose any weight, in fact dieting probably won’t help your body very much at all.

    You don’t mention how you measure your body fat. If you are using a scale, it probably measure a small electric current passing through your body. If you drink a lot of water, that could affect the measurement. So you might want to throw that out the window.

    But assuming it’s correct, your body fat is normal. Since your weight is low, but your body fat isn’t also really low, I’m going to guess that you don’t get much exercise. That means that your body doesn’t have much muscle mass, which means some extra fat, even though you are very thin.

    If you are worried about getting fat, then you should focus on exercise more than your diet. The best way to start out is to walk, ride a bike, or swim. Running is good if you can. Work up to 30-45 minutes, 4-5 times a week, working hard enough that you are breathing heavy. If you are just starting out, that is enough to build some muscle and get in shape. And it’s free! If you are already active, add some weight training every other workout, to build some muscle and tone your body.

    Instead of following a diet, just keep a food diary. Write down everything you eat, and how much. Sometimes just writing everything down helps them eat better, and avoid pigging out too much.

    As you get older, you body won’t be burning off calories by growing, so if you don’t have enough muscle (which burns calories 24/7!) then you can gain weight if you don’t watch what you are eating. Building a strong body leads to looking good and being healthy long-term.


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