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What do you make of the latest research that says a big breakfast may help dieting?

Well its a new one on me, lets all have fry ups and lose weight.

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11 Responses to “What do you make of the latest research that says a big breakfast may help dieting?”

  1. Khrystal ♥ said :

    so helpful
    as they say

  2. Lolly said :

    Very much the truth.

    Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.

  3. La Dolce Vita said :

    I dont think its latest research

    I believed in that for years

  4. TheDonCorleone said :

    Yeah lets do that, except i’m not a fatty, fatty

  5. fanatic002000 said :

    well berakfast gives you your energy for the day so i guess the more you have = more energy which = higher motablism which = more fat burn makes sence to me but i never feel like eating breakfast lol.

  6. JimBeam said :

    I know when I have a big breakfast, I really don’t feel very hungry the rest of the day, so I eat less.

  7. May said :

    It could work if you do eat a small lunch and dinner as you have all day to burn of the calories from breakfast. Though a big breakfast doesn’t necessarily mean a fry up.. sorry!

  8. zverisgirl said :

    Have you never heard the expression ‘eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a pauper’?

    It makes sense. The earlier in the day you eat your calories, the more chance you have to burn them off during the day. Also, sleeping slows your metabolism down and eating wakes it up, so the earlier you eat the quicker your metabolism starts.

    Unfortunately, I’m not sure a fry-up is the kind of breakfast they are talking about (damn)

  9. Andre said :

    well if your body needs to be fed regularly. If you eat at 9 pm then go to bed and then skip breakfast, that makes a good 15 h without food. If you only have dinner then lunch the next day, it can be over 17h without food. This means your body will go into a catabolic state in which it is using the protein in your muscle mass to feed itself. Less muscle mass means you’ll have a hard time breaking up the fats in your body. Think of muscle mass as the size of your engine and the fat as the size of the fuel tank. You’ll burn more gallons of petrol with a 3l V6 than with a scooter engine wont you?
    Ideally you should eat every 3-5 hours to stay fit. Dont confuse being slim with being week and malnurished; its not the same thing!

  10. HotShotC92 said :

    the method is:
    big breakfast
    medium lunch
    small dinner
    because you burn your calories during the day so sleeping after a big meal causes a person to gain weight

  11. Mysterious Cone said :

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