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What do you guys eat/cut out to lose weight fast?

I wanna lose weight FAST! What do you eat or not eat when trying to cut back?

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12 Responses to “What do you guys eat/cut out to lose weight fast?”

  1. darkchaos215 said :

    Cut out all carbs.

  2. kenp_8x8f said :

    Bread, doughnuts, sugar, beer, potatoes, cookies, candy, starches. Eat meat.

  3. DutchApplePie said :

    Drink lots of water, and use a liquid diet with milkshakes and soups. You may need extra vitamins.

  4. richardyarnell said :

    Stuff with lots of sugar, especially sodas and other drinks. Try just drinking water.

  5. Yaakov said :

    Pasta, potatoes, and bread. I think a low carb diet is unhealthy in the long run, but it works to help you lose weight. If I have to cut back, then I usually keep vegetables and fruits, and some meat, preferably fish.

  6. ShuggaMomma said :

    Try only 40-60 carbs a day!

  7. savourfare said :

    Please, do not listen to the “No Carb” “No Fats” people, they have absolutly no idea what they are talking about and you can take that to the bank.

    You need good carbs and fats in order for your body to function properly and to YES burn fat efficiently. What you have to do is eliminat simple carbs but maintain the correct amount of complex carbs and also you need to avoid transfats but retain the good fats such as monohydrate and polyhydrates etc… I do not have much room to explain here but here are a couple of good articles you can read.

  8. nandu_nandu56 said :

    hi, do one thing eat daily morning wake first u drink one bottle water and go for walking r joging and after u eat 2 eggs and drink one glass milk after 1.00 take lunch dont take 200g rice and curry after evening time take one glass of any juice and 9.00pm take dinner and sleep u do like this u will get good implement ur body its will slim and cuite……………………

  9. citizen high said :

    Here : You must know that when drink Cappucino or tea , 5 times a day ; it means you eat alot quantity of sugar with them .
    Ice cream , Cola , Candy ,etc , are the same thing .
    so you drink Cappucino once a day .
    Take an ice cream once a week .
    Take a cola once a month ! You don’t need them .

  10. hellothere said :

    you want to lose weight ONLY by reducing the type/amount of food you eat? if so, then these are what you need to do :

    1. reduce total caloric intake. this is because losing weight is just simple math. If your calories taken in is more than when you use up (exercise, daily activities, metabolism, etc) then you gain weight. If it is less, then you lose weight. If you are really determined to lose weight then i suggest you start counting how much calorries you consume a day and cut it by 300-500 each week until you notice some results.

    2. cut out foods high in simple sugars and high in fat without any real nutritional value (chocolate, cakes, doughnuts, ice cream, all desserts) and foods way up there in the calorie scale (pizza, fried anything, etc)

    3. replace these foods with lean meats and foods high in protein. replace simple carbs with complex carbs.

    4. try eating small meals more frequently as opposed to the big 3 (breakfast, lunch, dinner). try to eat a small meal every 3 hours. The reason for this is that your body burns more calories since it is constantly digesting something in your stomach and will raise your metabolism. It is also useful to eat small meals because your stomach will not be stuffed and will always have a smaller look. If you are afraid of doing this because you might end up eating more, try this: when you are about to eat lunch, separate everything on your plate into 2. eat half and leave the other half to be eaten 3 hours later. do the same with dinner.

    however, the best way to lose weight is with exercise and diet and not diet alone.

    you should also note that losing weight TOO fast by starving yourself is also not good. most of the time you will gain the fat back and more because you will crave for food. gradually decrease the amount of food you take in as opposed to a drastic change.

  11. cstinkerbell6969 said :

    When I want to drop pounds fast I go on a crahs diet of 500 calories a day. yea- not the healthiest way but it works! The trick for me is I LOVE TO EAT! So I found a way to trick my body into thinking its getting more than it really is! I eat every hour on the hour. Yep- every hour! But its WHAT u eat! I never ate breakfast. My menu would be as follows 11 am Half of turkey sandwhich with mustard on Lite white bread – 70 calories 2 gr. fat Noon: half turkey on lite white- another 70 calories. 1 pm pickle chips- zero cal zero fat 2 pm sugar free jello- 10 calories 3 pm sugar free popcycle- 20 calories 4 pm dinner- 4 oz chicken 2 cups green beans- total 220 calories 5 pm pickles chips- zero cal zero fat and so on. See what I mean? Your body thinks its getting fed but not really! It worked for me anyway! Don’t stay on this too long though cuz its really not the healthiest way but it does work Good Luck to u

  12. charles_blain said :

    I love Dr Phil for one reason and here it is

    He continually asks his guests one simple question: “How’s it working for you?”

    Success in anything comes from FINDING WHAT WORKS then DOING WHAT WORKS.

    I am going to reveal to you the Secret Weight Loss Formula that Celebrity personal trainer don’t want you to know about.

    Before I reveal the secret, first I need to explain to you that there is process that your body goes through to burn body fat.

    So how does your body burn fat?

    That process is the same for every human being. I will outline the steps and then show you how you can easily apply some fundamental rules to allow your body to burn the maximum amount of fat with less effort and minimum time. Once you understand that simple process, you can easily see why you are not getting the results that you want. Even bigger, you will finally see that getting that dream body is getting so much closer to reality that you will be extremely motivated to get started as soon as you can.

    How does your body release the fat from the cells?

    Before you can turn your body into a fat burning machine, here what needs to happen: your body fat need to be released from the fat cells. You can accomplish this step successfully with your nutrition program. Here are some specific tips that you can apply right away to achieve that.

    1.Eat 4-6 small, frequent meals and never skip meals.
    2.Include small amounts of good fats.
    3.Eat natural foods; avoid processed & refined foods
    4.Eat lean proteins with each meal.
    5.Eat more complex carbs, fruits & vegetables.

    The most misunderstood weight loss strategy.

    Releasing fat from the fat cells is not the end of it; actually, it is just the beginning. Because the fat needs to be transported from the fat cells to your muscles so it can be burned there. This is done through your blood and the cardiovascular system is responsible for that. The more effective is that system, the more effective your body will become at burning fat. You can improve your cardio vascular system by doing so cardio training. However, don’t go out yet and spend 1 hour on the treadmill because you probably not going to be doing too much good like that.

    The reason is excessive cardio combined with a restrictive diet burns fat but mostly muscle tissue. That is not a good thing at all, because muscle tissue is where you burn the fat and if you are burning away muscle tissue, you are burning your ability to burn more fat in the future (weight loss plateau). You just don’t cut the hand that feed you. So cardio burns fat and it can also burn muscle tissue, this is a huge dilemma. Damn if you do, damn if you don’t. But wait there is a solution to that…

    You need to do some MODERATE cardio training. The key word here is moderate.
    Doing too much cardio can be detrimental and I am sure you have seen those people that are doing cardio on a daily basis and still not getting anywhere. The result is a low metabolism. Low metabolism means, your body fat is not going anywhere, anytime
    soon. Here is what you need to do:

    1.Do some moderate cardio training; the key word here is moderate
    2.Never diet but consume little fewer calories that you will burn (No starvation diets, Please…)

    The world most efficient “fat burner” available in the market is FREE and is already available to you.

    Before I reveal to you how personal trainer get those celebrities in the best shape of their life in such short period there is one more thing that I want you to understand. Because it is very important.
    Weight loss marketers always claim that they have the magic “fat burner” that will melt your fat away. The problem is that they have a new one coming out every year, so I wonder if the one from last year was so effective, why we need a new one. There is only one thing that actually burn body fat is you already have it. It does not come in a bottle or a special recipe. Body fat can only be burned inside of your muscle tissue. I repeat Body fat can only be burn in your muscle tissue. This is the most important concept for you to grasp.

    Your muscle tissue is your best friend when it comes to burn body fat. You need to preserve muscle tissues in order to keep losing weight. Most people go on a starvation diet combined a lot of cardio to lose weight. At first it may seems like this is working because they are losing scale weight. Now think about, scale weight does not tell you if weight loss is from fat, water or muscle tissue. Scale weight by itself is not a good indicator of success.

    Losing water is only temporary,
    Losing muscle will simply lower your metabolism and put you in the Yo-Yo dieting bandwagon. This should be avoided at all cost.
    Losing fat while maintaining muscle mass is what your main goal should be.

    To maintain muscle tissues you need to:
    1.Do some resistance training. (This is not optional, it is mandatory)

    The secret
    Now that you understand the whole fat burning process, I am going to reveal to you what personal trainers do to get those amazing transformations. The strategy is to combine all the steps that I outlined so the body works as a unit. The process is release the fat, transport the fat and then burn the fat. All they do is combined a nutrition program, along with some MODERATE cardio program and they maintain muscle mass with resistance training. Everything is combined with one goal in mind: Turning your body into an Automatic fat burning machine. It is that easy.

    Don’t like the results you have been getting? Then CHANGE YOUR STRATEGY.

    How do you change your strategy? How do you find one that works?

    DO NOT continue doing something just because “THEY” say it’s the way things should be done. Allow yourself to choose the solution that will work for you, regardless of what it may be. The only way for you to know who is right is to measure your progress and ACTUALLY track your results.

    CHANGE IS HARD, but it’s also worth it. Not getting results makes change EXTREMELY HARD.

    Get support from friends, family or a coach. Losing weight is not as hard at it seems once you know what to do. Stop now and sign up to my Forbidden Weight loss Secrets blog at because you will receive weight loss secrets that you will not get anywhere else. The result will be that body that you’ve always wanted.

    Good Luck with your journey…


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