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What do i do to lose weight fast?

ok so i want to lose weight without having to go to the gym and workout . I want to be able to stay home and workout or maybe just change my diet but i need suggestions on what to do because i dont know what to do can you ehlp me?

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4 Responses to “What do i do to lose weight fast?”

  1. nikki s said :

    Im doing the same thing, have weight to lose for a cruise, anyways stop eating anything fried cut down on bread and potatoes and opt for whole weat, which is a natural appetite suppressant, eat more often through the day but keep your meat portion to the size of a deck of cards and opt for fresh veggies instead of canned, no canned fruit, fresh is best..and dont eat anything past like 6 pm..dont forget to excersize and drink lots of water..take vitamins and dont cheat yourself!!

  2. Ian said :

    Have a look at this blog and follow the link. They can design a personal eating plan for you so you can lose weight safely. You also gain alot of knowledge of healthy eating so you can keep your weight at that level instead of putting on wieght as soon as your finished.

  3. TUSHAR P said :

    My dear,
    It’s all about cutting down the carb’s. If you are serious of reducing weight and keeping it at the optimum level, then i suggest try “Carb Blocker 2″ and the multi- vitamin package.
    If you choose visit my site ” [email protected].”.
    I have some samples that you can try and find out for yourself.
    I would be glad to help ’cause it’s my busyness to help.
    P.S. 10 million people can’t be wrong.
    Whatever you choose to do, i wish you all the best.
    Exercises do help.
    God bless.

  4. Jako said :

    check this site they offer a program so as to lose about 9 lbs. every 11 days, and it really works, i subscribed for this program for about 2 months ago ,and it’s for real it helped me alot.Here is the link ,hope it helps.


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