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What do actresses do to lose weight fast?

When actresses need to either lose weight fast, or build muscle for a movie part, what programme do they follow?

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11 Responses to “What do actresses do to lose weight fast?”

  1. Detective XxX said :


  2. Kay G said :

    I heard they spend lots of money on professionals

  3. JHMHSI said :

    They hire extremely expensive personal trainers, follow a strict diet, and do as they’re told. If they need to build muscle, specific training for the movie should be provided. Why? Are you just curious? The big thing is they’ve got MOTIVATION in the form of green bills. LOTS of green bills…

  4. valarie said :

    diets, they takes pills, and make a lot of exercise.

  5. praveen said :

    they stick to protein diet..and avoid any high calorie food….

  6. BonBon said :

    I believe actresses hire expensive trainers to help get them into shape. They use cardio/aerobics, yoga, pilates, weight resistance, strength training, and a very strict diet. And probably the occasional cosmetic surgeries to help shape the very biggest, unsolvable, problematic area. The best way to be lean is to use your own body weight as a strength builder, rather than bulky weights.
    Celebrities also go to those expensive spas to detox themselves – eating a vegan diet, raw vegetables, and or getting enemas.
    The best thing for weight loss is a healthy diet with a lower caloric daily intake combined with regular cardio and weight resistance will help you to lose weight and build muscle – but it is pretty gradual.

  7. nowyermessingwithasonofabitch said :

    Bulimia and cocaine.

  8. MizzeL said :

    whatever it is they do just bare in mind it is unrealistic in the real world where people don;t have five hours a day to dedicate to exercise – we have jobs, lovers and children. THey can afford to do nothing else for months on end but get their bodies into shape.

  9. Mandy said :

    its the I’ve got a lot of money so i can hire a personal trainer, get a gourmet chief, i don’t got a real job so i have time so spend exercising program.

  10. juh_st_ineeee said :


    and other “unmentionables.”

  11. Toning Girl said :

    Oh….They’re really not different from anyone of us here……

    Their bodies still created by God, function just like ours…..

    So, same like us, they exercise hard and eat the right and healthy kind of food, to lose weight…….

    No big secrets there and no rocket science, either….

    Well, one thing though, since they can afford the bills, they’re better off in the sense they can employ real expensive personal trainers to caoch them specifically to suit their body types and needs.

    And they also go for some exorbitantly high-price slimming courses, to slim down too.

    That’s the only difference I can think of…..


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