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What causes snoring ?

Snoring is one of the main grounds for divorce. Since getting appropriate sleep is important to people of all ages, having a partner snore throughout the night can cause a huge problem. However, there are several causes of snoring with their respective treatments. For instance, a snoring person who stops breathing for several seconds may have a sleep disorder called sleep apnea. However, if a person breathes regularly while snoring, it can be caused by:

1) Allergies and congestion – Most people who suffer from allergies or colds snore through the night. When the nose is congested, it can be difficult to breathe, causing sniffs and loud snorts. If a person has chronic allergy, it is common for him or her to suffer from chronic snoring coupled with a long-term nose congestion.

2) Chronic infections – Swelling of the tonsils and adenoids could cause snoring. When these chronic infections occur, removing the tonsils or adenoids could help solve snoring permanently.

3) Sleep medications – Benadryl, antihistamine, sedatives, sleeping pills and other medications could worsen snoring. Alcohol and smoking could also cause loud snoring.

4) Weight gain or Obesity – An overweight person or someone who has gained plenty of extra weight could cause snoring to occur or aggravate. Skin tissues and excess fats in the neck add pressure to a person’s airways, resulting in breathing difficulties and snoring. However, this can be treated by losing weight.

5) Pregnancy – Pregnant women are prone to snoring, especially in the last term because of weight gain, nasal congestion and sleeping positions. Anyone who sleeps on their backs is more prone to snoring than those who sleep on their sides.

Some severe cases of snoring are treated surgically, while others require lifestyle changes like modifying sleeping positions, avoiding alcohol and smoking before bedtime, using a firmer pillow or exercising regularly. Some people can benefit from throat sprays and nasal strips.

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