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What causes flat feet ?

One of the considered normal foot shapes is flat feet; however, before it was considered a kind of disability, which can bar you off from entering the military. Grown ups can develop flat feet called fallen arches (pes planovalgus) or in rare cases, children simply unable to develop arches on their foot. Common belief states that wearing shoes may correct and eventually creates an arch on the foot; however, studies prove that shoes on kids promote flat feet development.

Parents should not be concerned if they find their child with flat feet, infants are normally born with it. The arches or curves of the feet usually start to develop when the child start to walk and baby fats on the feet begins to lessen. For parents with children unable to develop aches on their feet, it indicates no problem; however, flat feet may sometimes be indicating or associated with other feet problems. An example of feet problem stated is an issue with anklebones leaning inward, but this can be fixed using corrective shoes. Painful and inflexible flat feet may be from a condition called tarsal coalition.

Tarsal coalition happens with the fusion of two bones in the foot. This can cause extreme pain and inflexibility of the foot when walking and shoes made with arches can even make the condition worse. Children showing frequent complains about pain in the flat feet should immediately be evaluated by doctors to undergo treatments to correct the fusing of bones.

Fallen arches are the flat feet developing on adults. This usually occurs on pregnant women, of those who are carrying more weight. Grown ups developing flat feet are most likely permanent, but may not be associated with and certain feet complications. When having a flat feet starts to give painful result when walking, it is best to use orthotics in shoes along with foot exercises frequently to treat the condition.

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