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What causes arthritis ?

Arthritis is a joints inflammation that is caused by variety of things. Arthritis in one of the main reasons why most people over 50 suffer mobility issues and it is widespread across all classes and cultures. It was also known that the condition is ancient. There are evidences of arthritis uncovered in dinosaurs, stating that this type of joint condition is normal, caused by simply wearing and tearing joints as a person ages.

The main characteristic of arthritis is pain that can sometimes be severe. The condition may also be accompanies by tenderness, swelling, stiffness and clubbing around the joint. Normally, people with arthritis find it hard to move their affected joints. As many people who suffer arthritis, the condition usually strike the hands for the hands’ joint are heavily used throughout one’s life.

Degeneration is one of the main causes of arthritis. It may be caused by a disease or the natural aging process. Trauma and infections are some of the other causes of the condition, and some people also develop arthritis because of metabolic changes. Arthritis can also flare up in accordance with other diseases. For instance, gout, it is often associated with arthritis due to the uric acid crystals from gout ending up in joints.

There are quite a few forms of arthritis like the one from degenerative disease is called osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis, which is due to the inflammation around the joint. Another form of the condition is called septic arthritis, which is caused by bacterial infection anywhere in the body, especially joints. Arthritis is not only for people of age, juvenile arthritis is also a form of arthritis that strikes young adults or even children.

Arthritis has no cure; however, there are steps on how to avoid the underlying problems causing it, or preventing the symptoms. Regular exercise is the best prevention for the progression of the symptoms, and there are medications available to reduce the inflammation and strengthen the joints.

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  1. pip said :

    I have researched and found that know one has discovered as yet what causes arthiritis. Most of the excuses i.e. wear and tear is not fact but speculation.


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