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What can I use to stop smoking during pregnacy?

Is there anything that I can take that is safe that will help me to stop smoking. During my first pregnacy long ago, the smell of cigarette smoke made me sick. I am very early in pregnacy but what can I possibly take that would not be harmful to the baby. I still have terrible cravings for cigarettes.

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9 Responses to “What can I use to stop smoking during pregnacy?”

  1. bettyboop said :

    the thought of your baby getting your smoke in its lungs.

  2. ♥~Glamour Chick ♥ said :

    Stop cold turkey,think about your baby,think about his or her it for them.

  3. dolly said :

    This is a question best asked of your doctor. The wrong medication can be harmful to your baby, so be careful. The patch and gum and other things contain much more nicotene than a cigerette and can actually be more harmful. You’ve already quit the stuff, so be a trooper and get through those cravings one at a time and tell yourself not smoking is what’s best for your baby!!!!!

    I really like Silly_Bean’s suggestion.

  4. silly_bean said :

    I would try as hard as I could to go cold turkey to keep my baby healthy. It may sound dumb but when I quit smoking I kept Dentyne Fire candies in my purse and whenever I was craving one, i’d fill my mouth with them. I think it kind of distracted my cravings. Good luck!

  5. Mommy said :

    Think about your babies health.

  6. alexandria1_1999 said :

    You can use the patch or the gum, both not great, but better for you and the baby then smoking. Per: My doc.

  7. ineedya_00 said :

    sorry but this was the first thing that pop into my mind

    bi t ch you better over look that sh it

    ps dont take the bi t ch personal, just telling you like i would tell my close of friends.

  8. MSB1963 said :

    You can “use” the good sense God gave you. No, wait, don’t frown. I am a smoker, in very poor health and still smoke. But I don’t have a baby trying to grow inside me. The reason why I said trying to grow is because you are actually taking the chance of that with every cigarette you light. It won’t kill the baby if you absolutely have to, but not on a daily basis. Please, you are a top contributor here, that’s where the first sentence comes from. Think about the little life which I am sure you are already doing or you would not be here to ask. However, you need to try and focus on something else. When the cravings come, chew on gum or sugar free candy. Drink lots if water and real fruit juice, not the watered down stuff. Hang in there, you can do. When it becomes all too bad, have a puff, put it out and go about your business. I know you can do this, so you can too 🙂 Good luck and enjoy your baby. MsB.

  9. MICHELLE B said :

    I smoked up until the time that I found out that I was pregnant, I then quit right when I found out. It is hard, but do it for the baby.


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