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What can I do to stop losing weight and start gaining?

I’m petite and weigh only 105 pounds. I have been losing weight steadily for the past year and a half. My doctors have tested me for everthing. Nothing is wrong. Should I be worried?

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5 Responses to “What can I do to stop losing weight and start gaining?”

  1. dskjfreofjre said:

    no dont be worried your just fat is all just stop eating like a pig!!

  2. urydice said:

    nope,but if your skin and bones start drinking healthy milk shakes with yogurt and fruit.

  3. seanmcon said:

    How much have you lost?

    What lifestyle changes have you had during the period of weight loss?

    How much do you want to gain?

    Find out how many calories it takes to maintain your body weight at 105, then eat more calories to gain weight.

    If you eat about 500 calories per day more than you need to maintain, you’ll gain 1 pound per week.

  4. YouTube said:

    if you have nothing wrong health wise, i wouldnt worry .. dont gain weight if you dont need to

  5. great tota said:

    don’t worry…


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