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What can i do to lost fast weight before friday> i have to go to a wedding?

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6 Responses to “What can i do to lost fast weight before friday> i have to go to a wedding?”

  1. yums said :

    try this quick weight loss program on this site

  2. golddiggalova said :

    You don’t really have a lot of time. You best bet is to go to a day spa and get a body wrap!! You won’t lose weight, but you’ll look smaller!

  3. meg! said :

    just drink lots of water cut down on portion sizes and exercise for over 1 hour every day hope it helps! 🙂

  4. TXjms said :

    I don’t know how much weight you need to loose. If I only need to loose a few pounds quickly I cut out sodas and drink water only. Hope this helps!

  5. Christian said :

    You won’t lost much weight in that short time. What you can do is make your body looks a Little slimmer.
    Drink lots of PURE water, reduce your daily food intake, especially the one with high sodium/salt. (they will hold water in the body and make you bloated)
    Take body wrap treatment at your local slimming center.
    Wear a good full-body-sculpting underwear. usually it can make you look 2-3 sizes smaller, and hidden the flabs

  6. belt c said :

    Helpful Tips to lose weight

    Healthy Weight Loss : Start right away


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