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What are your suggestions on loosing weight and getting fit?

I’ve tried all kinds of things: P90X, Ab Lounge, and even some diet pills(which I think are stupid), and I’ve been sticking to eating good and stuff. What are some of your suggestions on staying fit, trimming the fat, and sculpting the muscles??

I’m 19 yrs old, female, 133 pounds.

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4 Responses to “What are your suggestions on loosing weight and getting fit?”

  1. kesh kesh said :

    isagenix! its amazing and it actually works

  2. carpediemmaster said :

    eat less, exercise more
    yes, it’s really that simple
    there is NO magic bullet

  3. kool_teacher4christ said :

    I would suggest cutting back calories cut out sodas and candy for at least 6months and jump on the trampoline for 30minutes everyday and walk 20minutes everyday

  4. hottracks03 said :

    I too have tried some of the same things you have and they didn’t work for me either so I made an appointment with a Dr. here in my area that helps with natural weight lose. He help me create a diet plan(more fresh fruit and veggies) and a exercise plan(60-80 minutes of different types of exercises like jump-rope, sit-ups, walking/jogging) at least four to five times a week. All this was after they completed a detailed physical and blood work and also thyroid testing just to make sure there were no underlining problems for the weight I was gaining. So since Dec. 27th, 2007 (220 lbs @ 5’8″) to Today (194.7 lbs @ 5’8″) I have lose 25 lbs. I plan on staying with this plan for pretty long time and going for another 40lbs.


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