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What are ways to lose weight that are not boring?

Iam trying to lose some weight by August but lately I can’t find a way how to with out being bored (Ive already got a diet). I wanted to buy a machine but iam broke,I end up sleeping when I try to exercise (Iam always sleepy), I am not sure how to dance,I can’t bike ride or anything outside. What can I do, I really need to lose weight.

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7 Responses to “What are ways to lose weight that are not boring?”

  1. imitatereality said :

    Join a local gym with cheap rates, and try yoga or pilates. And if you can find it, try Zumba. It’s a high-intensity aerobics/latin dance class that supposedly burns between 500-900 calories in the hour. It’s a really exciting class and you feel so good afterwards!

  2. Tina said :

    walk to wherever u need to go (as long as its 2-5 miles away)… and bring a friend along with u…u can chat with him/her

  3. [email protected] said :

    Well if you like music why don’t you just get some good songs on your MP3 or something-that gets me going

  4. yaneka said :

    do you have a husband? more sex will help you lose weight. sorry if you are not married. sorry if you are too young for this answer. i couldnt resist. – not boring!:)

  5. Samantha said :

    I would suggest to buy some workout videos and do those. You can get them cheap at yard sales or on E-Bay. There are cool ones, Hip-Hop abs, Hula Hooping, etc. Go jump on a trampoline. 500 + calories an hour if you do it consistantly.

  6. scorpiachoo said :

    You can do different exercise to keep out your bored…some times you can do exercise like jogging,swimming and others Some times you can do other exercise like doing gym.Then you will not get bored..If you really wanted to lose your weight,you can set a time to do exercise…..That’s my suggestions………

  7. fitness girl said :

    <--- Hope it can help you.


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