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What are ways to lose the fat around the abdomen?

So, i’ve been playing field hockey and I seem to not be losing any fat at all. I seem to have gained a lot more since the season started two months ago. I am definetly not fat, I’ve just gained a little fat in the abdomen and side section of my body. Any suggestions on the best way to lose this?

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5 Responses to “What are ways to lose the fat around the abdomen?”

  1. ? said :

    Keep up the workout but make sure to eat really well too.

  2. blueyedboyz said :

    Sounds like if you have gained weight since the season started that you are probably getting a pretty good workout. Muscle weighs more than fat, so you are probably toning and didnt even know it!

  3. Charliebitme said :

    Hula hoop for 30 minutes a day is amazing, start with 5 minutes everyday then increase if you want to can can even get up too more than 30 minutes, with a good diet and some abs exercises you could even get a six pack abs.
    also try jogging and running
    swimming is also a good idea
    good luck

  4. Laci M said :

    lots of ideas on here:

  5. Marshall said :

    Just keep doing exercices


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