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What are the symptons of OCD ?

OCD is an abbreviation for obsessive compulsive disorder, which is a psychological condition that is primarily associated with stress and anxiety. People with this condition often find themselves performing ritualistic acts involuntarily, which is the reaction to a invasive or disturbing thought. At least 2-3% of the population is affected with OCD, although the number of those who are not yet diagnosed could be much higher. Most people with OCD are quite reluctant of their condition and to seek professional help.

It may help to know every aspects of the condition separately to fully understand what OCD is. The O indicates the obsessive thought process, distinguished by recurring and frequent distressing mental ideas or images. This is the mental component of the condition and this is the least noticeable symptoms of the disorder. These invasive images continue to run in a loop in person’s head until he or she feels the need of taking some actions.

Once the stress of the obsessive thought become too much to handle, a person with OCD feels required to take actions to take the pain away. This sign of the disorder is the C, or compulsive component of OCD. The compulsion usually shows itself in a reflective or ritualistic act. For instance, an OCD patient who creates an obsessive thoughts such as blood in their hands, repetitive hand washing may be the associated compulsive act. Others may also be obsessed over an unlocked car door, which causes them to regularly check their cars.

Lastly, the D in OCD indicates a known psychological disorder. I the case of OCD, the cause still remain indefinable. There are some theories stating that the cause of obsessive thoughts loop is the disconnection between the action nerve centers and the thought. A normal person may think that he or she should lock the car, and execute the thought, locking the car. However, a person with OCD might do the same, but will forget if he or she has already done the action. He or she will only be at ease when she performed the task for several times.

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