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What are the risks of losing weight while pregnant?

I’m overweight and losing weight. I’m not doing it on purpose. Actually I’m trying to eat more every day, but I keep losing a quarter pound a day. I’m not vomiting at all. I don’t know why this is happening and I can’t seem to stop it. What are the risks to the baby if I continue to lose weight?
I’m eating about 3x what I normally would eat before I got pregnant. More than double my husband.
Just wanted to let everyone know that my first trimester is almost over and I have stopped losing weight.
Even though I lost a few pounds, my belly is still growing outward and very round. In fact, it looks like I’ve gained weight.
Thanks so much for all of your advice and concern. I did check with a doctor and also went for a second opinion. Everything is fine since I’m a super healthy eater. They assume the weight loss is from all the sleep that I have been doing.
Thanks again everyone.

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12 Responses to “What are the risks of losing weight while pregnant?”

  1. squuishee said :

    Your baby will be very mel nutritioned and have a very low birth weight and possibly born really early, talk to your doc they can help

  2. saylasmommy said :

    I have actually heard of this happening to Alot of woman who are over weight. Im not sure exactly why it happens but your not the first! Talk to your Dr…Some Risks from losing weight during pregnancy are low birthweight and not properly nurished!

  3. danni s said :

    i think its okay. if you were heavy to Begin with your probably losing fat while your baby is still getting bigger.

  4. Rene said :

    As long as you are not doing it on purpose, you are fine. Just make sure you are eating what you are supposed to be eating. I have lost and gained weight throughout my entire pregnancy. I once lost 9 lbs in just a few days. My doctor said as long as I’m drinking enough water and I’m eating what I’m supposed to be eating, the baby will be fine. Fetuses take what they need, even if it’s at the expense of the mother. So, basically, your baby is taking from you and that’s why you are losing the weight. Just bring it up at your next doctor’s appointment. But I wouldn’t worry about it.

  5. Lila said :

    Many women find an increase in their metabolism during pregnancy….some of them aren’t even overweight to begin with. Chances are you’ll pack on the weight towards the end of the pregnancy when the baby is putting on real, actual weight. As long as you are eating enough and getting the proper nutrients for the baby to grow, everything will be just fine. Remember to take your prenates too! 🙂 Remember to bring up this and any concerns to your doctor. Anyone’s opinion on here is barring any medical reason for your weight loss, so you’ll definatley want professional advice in addition to ours.

  6. TRUTH HURTZ said :

    Well if there are any risks to the baby, the doctor will let you know. If you are eating and not vomiting then you might want to ask the doctor as it might be a sign of another problem. The baby might not be getting the proper nutrients to develop in a healthy baby, which could create other problems. Sometimes the baby can be absorbing more food than you think, meaning you will have a big baby or maybe twins. If you continue to lose weight or are concerned call the doctor. All the best.

  7. tabs8 said :

    As long as you are eating a balance diet, including lots of fruits and vegetables and protein, and taking your prenatal vitamins, weight loss or gain isn’t usually a problem. The baby-baking uses about 300 calories a day, so that’s calories you are burning.

    I find that I lose some weight when pregnant because I tend to eat a lot healthier, drink a lot more water, and eat smaller meals.

    Congrats on the pregnancy.

  8. Rachel G said :

    I’ve been having the same problem. I’m 24 weeks, and have lost 7 pounds since the beginning of my pregnancy. I feel like I’m doing the things I should be doing, and I’m definitely not trying to lose weight, but it still seems to be coming off. I’ve asked my doctor and she says that I’m measuring perfectly normal, and my son was exactly the size he needed to be when I had the ultrasound. I’m trying to not worry, and thinking that maybe I’ve cut out more unhealthy stuff than I think….like soda and junk food. The baby should take what it needs, so I’m sure you and baby will be fine. Good luck!

  9. K N said :

    Keep communicating with your OB. Being overweight and pregnant is totally different from going through the process after starting at the right weight.

    My baby’s awake and crying, enough “Answers” for now!

  10. MsCrtr said :

    Its common for over-weight women to lose weight during the 1st trimester of pregnancy. Your Doctor will tell you that. Mine told me that just as open knowledge cause I’m under-weight and I can gain up to 50lbs and still be okay. I’m sure there is a limit on how much weight you can lose so I would check with your Doctor just to be safe.

  11. a mother of 1 said :

    I was in the same boat you are in.I dropped 50lbs when I pregnant with my son and my doctor said that was great.I was like you I ate and ate.I thought what is wrong with me all the other woman grow outwards and here I am you can’t even tell i am pregnant just heavy right up until i delivered my son.He was healthy and weighed 7lbs he was in the NICU but not because he was early or undeveloped its because i also had diabetes when i was pregnant with him.I hope this helps

  12. Kris L said :

    low birth weight and malnurishment are the top two risks of losing weight while being pregnant as well as preterm labor. This is what my doctor told me when I kept losing weight too.

    I’d talk to the doctor if I were you, he/she would know if you’re fine or not to lose weight as they know your pregnancy.


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