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What are the possible health effects of frequent using the computer?

I am working in an online teaching. I am always in front the computer everyday for about 9-10 hours everyday. I just want to be aware what are the possible health problem I would have in the future. I am a health conscious person. Please if you have any idea, i would be glad for sharing it. Thanks in advance and thank you you for reading.

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3 Responses to “What are the possible health effects of frequent using the computer?”

  1. Natalie ☝™ said :

    a lot of people develop eye problems whether its temporary or long term damage

    On occasion, I will develop a twitch in my eye that lasts 1-2 days simply from staring at the computer screen too long.

    Also you could possibly lose your eye sight at a young age

  2. monkey said :

    Maybe back problems or MS or deep vein thrombosis from sitting in one spot for too long…

  3. windward J said :

    Make sure if you wear glasses they have the full coatings, if you do not consider. The optometrist can fill you in. Otherwise it just gives out Compulsive behavior disorders as we get additions to answering questions, asking, and just wanna chat with beautiful women…lol


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