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What are the health risks to becoming a Radiation Therapist?

Please respond if you can give some critical and specific information maybe through personal experience or through data. I would like to know if there is information out there about whether people in this field are popping up with health complications related to being exposed to radiation. Thanks!

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3 Responses to “What are the health risks to becoming a Radiation Therapist?”

  1. serialmom12 said :

    mental health risks from dealing with sick, cranky people.

  2. ChemoAngel said :

    There are none. The Radiation Therapists are not in the room with you, while you are receiving Radiation. They are in the back, watching you on a computer screen.

  3. stinky said :

    Since there’s several feet of lead, concrete, and plastic between the linear accelerator and you at the control station, you’ll receive a higher dose of radiation from the computer monitor than from the linear accelerator. The state regulator agency also requires the department to periodically monitor the radiation level in the department, and the allowable radiation level can’t exceed certain thresholds based on the amount of time anyone spends in that area. You’re more susceptible In larger radiation departments that offer HDR treatment, where there’s a radioactive isotope that’s stored in the department and generates the radiation for those treatments (vs the LINAC, which is electrical). But there are lead vests for those rare cases.

    Your principle health risk is going to be similar to other health workers: back injuries from failing to ask for help transfering patients from a stretcher to the LINAC table.


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