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What are the health benefits of giving up soda?

Lately, I’ve converted to drinking mostly water and/or juice, and I was wondering how this could benefit me health-wise.

I drink a little bit of soda still, but not much.

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2 Responses to “What are the health benefits of giving up soda?”

  1. Matt K said :

    Well, caffeine is addictive, so drinking lots of soda on a regular basis can actually be addicting. Also, it eats at the enamel on your teeth, causing cavities. Obviously soda also has lots of calories…and the diet ones have lots of unnatural chemicals.

  2. Britt said :

    By giving up soda, you’re not only cutting calories and sugar, but you’re also doing good things for your body.
    For example, soda progressively deteriorates your joints. (Knees, fingers, etc.) It weakens the joints all over your body. By cutting it out, you’re preventing a series of problems that would most likely harm you later in life.
    Soda also weakens and stains your teeth. It harms the enamel and gradually softens all of your teeth. This could also affect you later in life.
    Lastly, the caffeine in soda is not good for your body. Water and juce are much healthier and often provide you with a more reliable source of energy than caffeinated soda anyway.


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