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What are the differences between running and cycling tops?

Just wondering what the main differences are, and could I get away with just cycling in running tops without having to invest in a whole new load of specific cycling tops.


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4 Responses to “What are the differences between running and cycling tops?”

  1. gavmel259 said :

    One is used to run in. The other is used to cycle in.

  2. Mike R said :

    Cycling jerseys have three pockets in the back, which are handy for power bars, cell phone, wallet, etc. (A seat bag would work for these items as well, but my seat bag is stuffed with spare tubes and tools.) Cyclists ride longer distances than runners and have to be prepared.

    The store-brand jerseys at are inexpensive and work well.

  3. Silenus said :

    I tend to use the same mixture of base layer tops for running, cycling, hiking and to be honest wearing down the pub. Cycling tops as mentioned have handy pockets in them and road tops tend to be quite tight to reduce wind resistance, but if you can do without wear running tops, they’ll be made of the same materials generally.

  4. e.b. said :

    Go ahead and wear your running shirts. As long as they keep moisture away from your skin, you should be comfortable.

    At some point in time, you might enjoy the added benefits of a cycling jersey. In addition to the pockets and a typically tighter fit, they usually feature half or full length zippers that allow you to better control the amount of ventilation.


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