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What are the costs for running a pantomime at a school?

For my homework, I need to find out how much it would cost to run a pantomime. Can anybody give me a rough idea about the cost of:
-sets/ backdrops
-running heating
-buying the rights to a script.
-anything else you might need!
THanks for anything you can give me!
Fine then, PUTTING ON a pantomime.
Thanks for your answer second answerer (sorry forgotten your name), thats really helpfull. Sorry I can’t be much more specific because we are not really running this. It is purely hypothetical for the sake of an ICT project thing.

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4 Responses to “What are the costs for running a pantomime at a school?”

  1. joey k said :

    “Running” a “pantomime.” Are you from the 17th century?

  2. tricky dicky said :

    based on mother goose or cinderella for a one off performance using hired equipment, costs are as follows:
    costumes hire costs £2600
    props should be availble for borrowing £0
    lighting £400
    Sets: again hire costs or manufacture say £1000
    heating: £100
    script: free off internet
    anything else you might need – you need to be more specific

  3. UNDEAD_MONKEY! said :

    I know u should be answering this question, but believe it or not, I am doing this homework too. I ust happen to go to the same school as *pink n fluffiness* and also struggling with this incredibly difficult homework! I would lyk to congratulate the last person ^ on his/her answer. It helped a lot. But how did you find all that out? And can you also say where u cud probably get these things. And maybe give some idea on the refreshements you mite need….or cost of broachers. Don’t worry if you cant. Thank you very much!

  4. creambunmum said :

    You probably have an amateur dramatics group near where you live – why not contact them? I am sure they would be delighted to help someone with their homework!

    And if you want to get an A+, why not compare the costs between an AmDram group and a theatre production? I know my son’s school gives extra marks when you do extra work!

    (and remember to share your information with the other person from your school who has replied to the question – people may only want to reply to one person, not 30 times!!!, and check with your teacher if it is okay to share the work with another pupil; that way, one can do the AmDram contacting, and the other can do the Theatre bit, to get the information together.)

    Good luck!

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