What are the complications of losing weight ?

What are the complications of losing weight, that you know of?

I know over all, losing weight is a good thing. But after losing a significant amount you could have a “empty bag” syndrome. 1. loose skin hanging down 2. turkey neck 3. more wrinkles on your face 5. half empty hanging breasts, etc.

Do you know of any more complications?

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4 Responses to “What are the complications of losing weight ?”

  1. PointORef said:

    If you are still “young” and you lose the weight in a healthy slow manner, you shouldn’t experience any of those “side effects”.

  2. Amanda said:

    Well, one big thing is that it’s so hard to force your conscious mind to win out over the subconscious part, and most people regain the weight (and often more) after so much work to lose it.
    Also many people try to lose the weight too fast or in an ineffective way, which can lead to other health problems as well as weight rebound.

  3. Ian said:

    Losing weight in order to achieve a healthier weight is a good thing! But losing weight in an unhealthy way such as starving, throwing up, and other bad ways will result in loose skin and all of the things you mentioned. If you want proof, I know a person that is really close to me, and he/she dropped 140 lbs in like a year in an unhealthy manner. Stufff went downhill and he/she looked a lot weaker, got the gross stuff you mentioned in your questioned, and DID get weaker both athletically and strength wise. Another proof is that the people on TV such as the biggest looser lost tons of weight and look good after the show. I am assuming that they were watched carefully by many experts, trainers, doctors and such in order to loose weight in a healthy manner. I hope this answers your question.

  4. mareeyum said:

    1. Drink plenty of water. Our body needs a lot of water so give in to water. Water is not just way to flush out toxin but if you have more water in your body you will generally feel healthier and fitter. This it self will discourage any tendency to gorge. The best thing about water is that is has no calories at all.

    2. Start your day with a glass of water. As soon as you wake up, gulp down a glass of cool water. It’s a wonderful way to start you day and you only need a lesser quantity of your breakfast drink after that. A glass of water lets out all your digestive juices and sort of lubricates the insides of your body. You may have your morning cup of tea but have it after a glass of water. It is good for you.

    3. Drink a glass of water before you start the meal. Water naturally needs some space so that you feel fuller without actually having to stuff yourself.

    4. Have another glass of water while you are having the meal. Again this is another way of making yourself full so that you can actually rise from the table eating less but feeling full just the same. Instead of drinking it one gulp, take sips after each morsel. It will help the food to settle faster so that you get that feeling that you are full faster. SIDENOTE: Water is such a remarkable thing, but seldom do we give it the credit that it deserves. Did you know that over 66% of your body weight is nothing but water’ It’s amazing! Water also plays a vital role in weight control, which is why I donated so much space to it, above.

    5. Stay away from sweetened bottle drinks, especially sodas. Hey all those colas and fizzy drinks are sweetened with sugar and sugar means calories. The more you can cut out on these sweetened bottle drinks, the better for you. So if you must drink sodas, then stick to diet sodas.

    6. Include in your diet things that contain more water like tomatoes and watermelons. These things contain 90 to 95 % water so that there is nothing that you have to lose by feasting on them. They fill you up without adding to the pounds.

    7. Eat fresh fruit instead of drinking fruit juice. Juice is often sweetened but fresh fruits have natural sugars. When you eat fruit, you are taking in a lot of fiber, which is needed by the body, and fruits of course are an excellent source of vitamins.

    8. If you do have a craving for fruit juice then go for fresh fruit juice instead of these that contain artificial flavors and colors. Or even better, try making your own fruit juice taking care not to sweeten it with too many calories.

    9. Choose fresh fruit to processed fruits. Processed and canned fruits do not have as much fiber as fresh fruit and processed and canned fruits are nearly always sweetened.

    10. Increase your fiber intake. Like I mentioned, the body needs a lot of fiber. So try to include in your diet as many fruits and vegetables as you can.


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