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What are the best workouts overall body fat loss?

What are some things I should do to lose body fat? I’m not obese I just have a little bit of fat I would like to lose. I’m turning 15 in a few short months if age matters in this. Anyone have any good workouts or routines I should use? Also a diet plan that can work? Please don’t say “Eat 5 small meals” because I don’t have the time to fit them in. Thank you.

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3 Responses to “What are the best workouts overall body fat loss?”

  1. Guinnysmom said :

    P90X. It will kick ur as*, but there is no better workout for muscle tone and fat loss……low carb, high protein, low trans/sat fats, and lots of fruits and vegetables…

  2. bear said :

    go to the gym and do squats..they work the largest muscles in your body. as a result, they need more calories to burn. mess around with HIIT (high intensity interval training)..and just avoid fat as best as you can

  3. suker said :

    exercise and diet


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