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What are the best ways to lose stubborn belly fat?

I am really wanting to lose my belly fat. I drink bottled water everyday, sometimes even 10 bottles of water a day. I walk on a treadmill for about 1-2 hours and do 100 sit ups everyday. And I have been trying to eat only 1 meal a day. But I don’t seem to be losing the belly fat like I want, and I have been trying this for 2 months. Anybody got any good ideas or suggestions?

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7 Responses to “What are the best ways to lose stubborn belly fat?”

  1. Sricky said:

    a reclining stationary bicycle is the best and safest way, Sears has a few good ones.
    10-15 minutes a day is enough at first.
    Ever see a fat China man on a bike ?

  2. Lily said:

    Well the most important things to lose fat on your body is to maintain a food plan and consistent excercise. The less amount of carbs you eat and the more excercise you do will most likely make you lose your fat a lot quicker but as someone who has been through this, the best way to keep the fat off for the future is too eat fairly good and to do at least 3 hours of excercise a week. The more you do the better. I wouldn’t recommend starvation as eventually you will crave junk food and it just goes straight back on.


    Lots of walking/running 3km a day

    Bike riding 1 hour session a week

    Sit ups 100 a day (take your time)

    Swimming 300m a week to start off with and gradually go further


    5/6 vegetables/fruit a day

    8 glasses of water +

    no more than 1 “major sweet food” a day

    bread, pasta, cereal, rice, nuts x 3 a day

    meat : chicken, steak, ham, salmon x1 a day

    lots of milk and lots of yogurt

    Hope i helped

  3. C Shoe said:

    sit ups are nonsense. push ups are better, as they use more energy and more muscles. You probably couldn’t start off with 100 push ups, especially if you don’t use that knee version, which is a waste. I assume you’re female from your question. I am too and I’m not trying to get anyone to become a marine. You can strengthen your abs, but since you really don’t use them that much for the rest of the day, anything you add to the abs wastes away. You use your arms and chest much more, so strength there would be useful and would make doing other things so much easier. I’m also trying to convince myself of the benefits, because I want to start. I have lost a lot of weight by being more active, but I should have more muscles because muscles eat up a lot more energy even when idle than fat does.

  4. Natalie said:
  5. Insurance Guru said:

    How to get rid of the Fat Belly!!!

    If you want to lose weight in your belly you have to lose it throughout. The best way to lose the fat in the stomach area is by proper diet and exercise. Here are some tips for what should be done and what should not be done to reduce your belly fat. To read it check out

  6. Ujj H said:




    and weight lifting are the best to loose weight

  7. Diet Expert said:

    If you are looking for the best way to lose belly fat. I suggest doing what this mom did

    Combining acai and cleanse to get the best diet result

    Hope this help,


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